Bitpreco, a Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange, has decided to increase its capacity and introduce its banking services through a new platform. Whatever payment and account services the company will open, it will try to involve users in schemes to attract more through cashback, which directly means that users will get the opportunity to take advantage of many banking services through the new platform. Along with this, they will be able to get other offers through cashback, which will attract them towards crypto and in today’s time, where the market is uncertain and users who buy cryptocurrency are living in an environment of fear, this platform provides them a safe zone. performs and properly represents its services.
A number of traditional banking institutions are now offering or planning to offer cryptocurrency services in Brazil, and crypto-focused applications are also demanding the inclusion of traditional financial instruments on those service portals. Bitpreco, a Brazilian exchange, is recommending its service to offer banking functions and Bitpreco, one of the largest companies in Brazil, is expanding its services to offer banking functions. It accounted for 13% of all bitcoin transactions in the last three months.

According to Ney Pimenta, one of Bitpreco’s partners, the new services will also enable payment digital accounts, credit cards, etc., and offer services through an app called bity bank. The direct objective of this inclusion would be to motivate and excite more and more users through the services offered.
Pimenta explains that digital banking was a huge success in Brazil and it was a bold move to bring users into the world of crypto with an experience where they can easily buy, sell, withdraw and deposit both savings and investments in one place. And exchange and experience DeFi. The move by the company estimated a 50% jump in the number of users and has already seen a 5x increase in user registrations from 2020 to 2021.
Pimenta knows all the current market conditions and acts based on the fact that the entire crypto market is currently facing the collapse of FTX and other industries that have been hit. exchange and has motivated people to invest through rewards and using strong cashback offers to bring in cryptocurrencies.
According to Pimenta, the fear of customers can be overcome even in today’s cryptocurrency market, listening to it in simple language, many people are afraid to buy crypto currency, but if they win the cryptocurrency and we will not be afraid. Today, if they establish their supremacy over cryptocurrency, then the word fear will also end. He told that this same theory works to remove every fear where if you get hold of something then you are not afraid of fear and you go to all the work without any difficulty.
Pimenta made it clear that Bitpreco aims to provide the best service to the consumers and users and therefore wants to drive the program through the best schemes with the best environment and the best cashback and records and explained the structure of these schemes. He did not give further details but said that rewards would be given to customers using cards issued by the company, as well as introducing digital currencies such as bitcoin, ether and Solana to incentivize them to invest and attract more users to their wallets. Join the Platform.
They have made it clear in their aim that their estimation and work is to make crypto more energetic and accurate and to bring its services to the latest level through various mediums. They are not counted in the number of hypocrites and superstitions, according to them, whatever is good, the investor will be attracted towards it, whatever is good, comfortable, the users will easily get it and adapt, and the platform provides excellent services and on its own platform. Will introduce multinational brands which will easily increase sales and its profits and more and more traffic and people will want to come to its system and they have to develop a similar system for crypto with the help of which crypto market will run and all small The realm will end.
So we can say that through this type of effort the company will get huge profits and its sales and circulation of crypto will increase. This will also happen because currently the market is suffering, in crisis, in panic and many more latest news. The comments and orders and the behavior of the freaks have scared the crypto market and investors are scared, all prices and markets are in a tizzy and investors are just sitting on their hands and waiting for the right time and if they get any such If they get good service then they will be attracted towards it and will appreciate it and marketing it and this is the main objective of the company that along with good services, the company should be marketed and people should get more and more information about it, To know about the company and to be aware of its services.


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