Crypto asset Aptos surges 391% in 30 days to all-time high

A relatively new cryptocurrency, aptos (APT), managed to reach its all-time high on Thursday when the token reached $19.92 per coin. Aptos, which launched in mid-October and is slated to launch in 2022, was built by two developers who previously worked on Meta’s Diem project, which was later discontinued. Talking further, this project has also received or secured backing from a number of other venture capital firms, such as Paraffy, Andreessen Horowitz and MultiCoin Capital. Sure enough, when the mainnet went live and Aptos started trading, its value went up by 20 percent, while it fell in value during the last 2 months of 2022, like the rest of the cryptocurrency market. On December 29, Aptos reached its all-time low of $3.08 per share. Whereas as of January 27, Aptos’s value is more than 447 percent. Today its price is down by almost 11% from its highest level of $19.92 per coin and in the last 24 hours its price has reached its lowest level of $17.37 per unit and it currently accounts for the capitalization of the entire 1 trillion cryptocurrency market. The position is present as the 28th largest cryptocurrency. It was valued at about $2.83 billion of market capitalization on Friday. At the time of writing it has a circulating supply of approximately 160.54 million APT tokens which has seen the token move $813 million in global volume over the past twenty four hours while some traders attempted to short the market during this increase in value and all those attempts were unsuccessful or those attempts did not yield any definite relation. A trader writes in on Wednesday that he is completely liquidated and would never go short but today he decided to do it and he lost everything. He worked for his Aptos shorts and it was destroyed and now he has nothing left even he sold his bags and he never thought he would be able to save the short.
Expressing his sentiment, he says that it is sad that he has never lost as much in his entire life as he has today and that Aptos’ recent boom is being attributed to its deployment by the leading decentralized exchange Pancakeswap. . Aptos’ Total Value of Assets or Total Value Locked in Decentralized person has increased in the recent week and it is showing a strong momentum in the week and its Pancakeswap account for 57.62%. The increase in value is also being attributed to the issuance of NFTs by blockchain and NFT projects such as Aptos Land Genesis, Aptos Monkeys, Babypetos and Aptopunks. Aptos-based NFTs are continuing to see significant trading activity on the NFT marketplace and have also recently been integrated with Atomic Wallet by Aptos, with over 5 million users is a Defi Web3 wallet.


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