Biggest Movers: MATIC Nears 3-Month High as LINK Extends Recent Gains

Polygon (MATIC) was present as a big gainer on Friday as its price managed to reach its highest point in 11 weeks. After going down to a low of $1.07 on Thursday, the token definitely managed to reach a 1 day high of $1.15 earlier today and as a result, we can see that since 11th November, the coin has maintained its own strength. Has managed to reach the fair price from or reached the highest price which is the last time its price was trading at this point of resistance. Looking at the chart we can see that the bounce is seen when the range on the 14-day Relative Strength Index breaks above the high of 69.00 and at the time of writing this index seems to be eyeing 72.14 and heading towards a higher range of 77.00 mark. It looks like there is definitely a lot going on in this strong possibility and MATIC will be trading above $1.20.
Another notable mover on Friday was Chainlink, which managed to reach its multi-month high and the token managed to reach a high of $7.33 earlier in the day, down from $6.93. Appears or nears us in less than a day after falling to a low and the price rally pushes Chainlink to its highest price since December 5th and in the process it The value goes out of range. As we can see in the chart, LINK moves above its resistance level of $7.25 while it can be seen in the Relative Strength Index that it was unable to achieve this feat as well.
Price strength is currently at a reading of 64.15, which is slightly below the 65.00 range.



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