Bitcoin difficulty rises by 3.82% to all-time high of $39 trillion after recent surge

According to current estimates, the difficulty level of the bitcoin network will increase by approximately 3.82% in just one day. As of now, the difficulty has already reached an all-time high of 37.59 trillion and we can expect a jump of 3.82% to be around 39.03 trillion. The number of hashes needed to mine a block is directly proportional to the difficulty level, and of course this means that each participating miner would need to mine 39.03 trillion hashes to mine a block at that level. . If we look at the average, bitcoin block times have been around 8:54 minutes to 9:31 minutes, well below the average of 10 minutes and it also appears to be linearly related to the increase as predicted on January 29th and this is because when blocks are opened faster than the average of 10 minutes then certainly 2016 blocks in the middle of the difficulty Occurs with a speed of 2 weeks. The result is that more hashrate is dedicated to the blockchain as the mining difficulty of the bitcoin protocol increases and its price becomes higher. Certainly if we look, the hash rate of bitcoin during the last 2016 blocks has been at its peak with an average of 278.2 exahash per second (EH/s). Foundry USA holds the top spot in terms of the mining pool with the most dedicated SHA256 hashrate while it has around 93.82 EH/s over a 3 day period, which is 32.99% of the computational power of the network. Bitcoin mining pool Antpool has also dedicated 49.57 EH/s to the Bitcoin network in a span of 3 days, which is 17.43% of the hashpower.


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