Game7 Launches $100 Million Funding Program to Advance Web3 Gaming Development

Game7, a blockchain gaming-focused DAO organization, has announced the launch of a $100 million grant program aimed at supporting the web3 gaming community during a market downturn and driving blockchain gaming forward on new technology and innovation. Is. Game 7 Technology aims to take game service to a higher level and develop and work on top of it through cutting edge technology and innovation models.
Game7, a web3 gaming dedicated project that has already worked on different series and projects such as Arbitrum, Polygon, Immutable X, and Solana, and a $100 million grant program to support groundbreaking companies It has announced the launch so that it can further strengthen the gaming ecosystem and ensure its availability. Where innovation and mentorship has worked to advance gaming technologies and support its initiatives.
This organization which is a DAO dedicated by BitDAO and Forte aims to best present the fund and distribute its best projects over the next 5 years. The scheme will be aimed at other areas like technology, diversity, education and research through the best medium and in the best way and will be made user friendly. Highlighting the plan, GameSeven contributor Ronen Kirsch announced that improvements to smart contracts and interoperable wallets and a host of solutions that power web3 technology and gaming will significantly drive adoption and 20% of its coffers. percent to optimize the gaming process so that the gaming industry and game technology can sustainably build the economy and develop a superior civilization and technology.
The first area to receive grants will be the technology sector, with a focus on best practices in game development, inventory management, and a range of infrastructure and community driving tools, which will work on building an open source development plan. Games Accomplishment support is different from just financial support, while it also includes technical support advice and a variety of innovative activities. believes gaming to be a powerful form of power where gamers and gaming companies can profit privately and establish their own businesses where according to John Allen, a representative of the company and a representative of BitDao, he believes that such a The world is where both the user and the developer have the right to do everything and the ability to act on the basis of their own ownership and equity. According to a report, gaming based on Web 3.0 acts like a turning point in the world of crypto currency, which remains prominent in those areas, which also read on the economic crisis of the industry and other reasons and continue to provide a variety of services. .
Overall, this type of great startup will give gaming technology a chance to get better and Web 3.0 will be established. Where the user will be able to act according to their will and their cognition and the startups working or running in the growth of web3 gaming will do their work with more speed and take the gaming technology to the top. We can assume how important the online game is in the coming future and how long its journey is going to be where it is going to be presented to us through an immersive and interactive medium. The purpose of the game is not just to play it but also to develop it and also to give employment to other developers by royalty where this technology will work in a significant way in the field and increase its employment prospects. This technology will dominate not only gaming but other fields as well and will work to give a new direction to gaming overall. Everyone who wants to make a career in the game industry will be able to get help from this through an innovation model and can highlight their talents on different platforms. We can understand how this technology can help in personality building and technology can start a great employable system.


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