According to Galaxy’s Mike Novogratz – SBF was ‘delusional’ and ‘will do time in jail’ and needs to be prosecuted.

Billionaire and CEO of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz was very forthright in his most recent interview with SBF and through this in-house interview he explained that it requires SBF to take responsibility for all of its actions and that whatever they do The comments made during his interview were fabricated outright and fabricated stories were told by him to the public and the media. He says this bf needs a hard trial under which he will tell his time in jail and this will set an example to others what is the consequences of cheating. He says only he is responsible for this and we can’t blame anyone for this. Can’t blame Karma because he cheated people and everyone is suffering the consequences.
He said that I am not saying that like a criminal mastermind all these plans were made but still whatever he did was wrong and criminal and in view of this he should be prosecuted whatever is necessary And it is necessary too.
Novogratz says that not only Sue but many more Indians are responsible for the wrongdoings that happen to FTX and it would be good not only for crypto jobs but for the entire financial industry to have someone like him prosecuted. Toughest steps should be taken. He stated that both money and markets are based on trust and this has not only undermined the sanctity of the crypto market but has also undermined its value and has broken investor confidence and changed sentiment towards crypto where he continues that people are spot the mistakes so in that sense it’s the story of that time because you’re looking at someone who’s telling lies upon lies and listen beans has always been kind to me and he’s a kind hearted person but That was a part of the schism.
Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital was one of the crypto companies exposed to the fall and on November 9, 2022, Galaxy publicly disclosed that the company had lost $76 million due to its ties with the FTX company, and last Wednesday Serkin talked about FTX on Swavox Box and found out that there has been a great lack of trust in the crypto industry.
During his interview on Thursday he was speaking with Sorkin saying that the crypto industry needs an exchange and he thinks the economic side of crypto and companies like ours that buy and send and lend is going to be regulated. There have been and should be where investors clearly state that customer funds should never be taken without their permission and that in the future all crypto platforms should be governed by their own terms and conditions and in general more As far as assets like bitcoin are concerned, they believe that digital currency is the clear future of technology and ecosystem ahead that we get to see but it has a bad reputation due to some middlemen and money mafia which needs to be rectified. It is absolutely necessary that people like SBF go to jail because they deserve it and they should definitely be punished.
In sum, he clearly states that the statement of SBF is totally false and based on his precedent and everyone needs to understand that this is just a well thought out ploy and a way to buy and extract money from the customers which is That is being used by them which should be ended as soon as possible and whoever is guilty, because of whom all the work has gone wrong and who is the real reason behind it, should be behind the jail.


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