Russia’s Interior Ministry Uses Tool to Identify Crypto Wallet Owners, Track Transactions

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs is now using the digital tool with a new update that will allow authorities to add new owners to cryptocurrency wallets and of course monitor transactions in the software and force services to be made good for the users. All these software include monitoring of crypto assets as well as catching fraudsters.

Binance and Publish Proof-of-Reserves Audit Conducted by Global Auditor Mazars Group

Proof-on-reserves were provided this week by two cryptocurrency exchanges where creditors and customers were backing assets 1:1 and certainly according to a report on December 7, 2022 where Binance introduced a detailed auditor Mazars Group where 9 On December 2022, the exchange Crypto published the Group of Reserve records which were provided by Mazars as verification. Crypto states that customers on the existing platform can check their assets as well as view the services provided for additional transparency and valuation purposes.

Report reveals block was secretly funded by crypto news publication Bankman-Fried’s Almeida

On December 9th, 2022, a report was published by Axios reporter Sarah Fischer which revealed that the key executive was being secretly funded by Alameda Research and the controversial report was co-founded by crypto trending form SBF where sources said The Block executive Michael McCrae received $16 million in a payout and used the money to buy an apartment in the Bahamas.

Ethereum’s Shanghai Hard Fork Could Happen in March 2023, ETH Dev Says Withdrawal Is ‘Top Priority’

On December 8, according to the Ethereum development meeting, the developers revealed that the next hard fork, called Shanghai, would be implemented by March 2023, suggesting that the Shanghai network would handle all of the staked Ethereum withdrawals. Fully capable of managing deposits and withdrawals. On the one hand its launching and on the other hand the developers also have to monitor how to best protect it and how to facilitate the users in the transaction whose software program is being updated and Ethereum new type of transaction. Keeps regularising

Coinbase Tempts Users To Switch From USDT To USDC, Crypto Firm Says Recent Events ‘Put Some Stable Coins To The Test’

Coinbase, one of the biggest cryptocurrency farms in the industry, shared via The Block post that users need the stablecoin asset USD to switch to a trusted and reputable digital service where the company says to focus exclusively on USDC Coin. While the post mentions the replacement of the stablecoin asset Tether completely and the firm has offered a free do-it-yourself service where you can do it without any fees. Some Twitter accounts called the company’s move wrong and according to them Tether is a stable cryptocurrency.

ZOGI token launches on Cronos, BNB chain and Ethereum with revolutionary wrapper.

Zogi Labs, a leading crypto company and gaming studio, today launched its new Zogi Token on Kronos, BNB Chain and Ethereum with the help of crypto-based one The Legends of Bezogia. The ZOGI token is adapted from Zogi Labs’ decentralised ecosystem and is a wrapped version of the BEZOGE token where users can access multiple decentralised services in one place via an embedded medium while offering low gas fees, flexibility, and ease of use in one system. Provides convenience to the users and also manufactures the latest range.

Biggest Movers: MATIC, QNT Move Higher on Friday as Cryptos Rebound

Polygon was in a gainer spot on Friday as its cryptocurrency rate moved higher in the last week and also 2.28% higher at the time of writing as the market is ready to release data to US consumers while Quant was another big mover. , as prices rose for the second day in a row.

Over the past year, bitcoin’s market cap dropped from the eighth most valuable asset in the world to the 26th.

In November 2021, the market capitalization of bitcoin managed to make its way into the top 10 lists across banked assets as against 8 on November 9 last year where it was the largest capital market. And compared to most bitcoins, its value has decreased by 75 percent and the US dollar and major crypto currencies market has come to the 26th place among valuable assets and companies worldwide.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH Rebound on Friday After Volatile Week of Trading

Bitcoin came back in the green on Friday once again above $17000 after which cryptocurrencies came higher in today’s session and recently the price reversed and Ethereum also climbed up on the first day which was close to $1300.

Brussels wants all crypto Service Providers Report Transactions of Europeans

to share information with tax authorities in the Union by the European Commission and to give residents their personal information where it is intended to prevent possibilities of tax evasion and of course to provide convenience to users and according to the proposal And crypto service providers, wherever they are, have to share this information with the agencies and follow the rules, the most important of which is the tax evasion provision.

Kenya-based bitcoin mining company raises $2 million in seed investment led by Jack Dorsey-owned firm

Gridless, a bitcoin mining company operated by Kenya, said it has raised $2 million in seed investment from Block, a company owned by founder and former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey, and Stillmark-owned digital payments company. Which aims to expand to African countries and provide them internet connectivity and power equipment and electricity at affordable rates for crypto mining and accordingly provide them special services with subsidies.


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