Upland and FIFA officially launched the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 experience in the Upland metaverse.

FIFA and Upland have agreed for a multi-year partnership with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
The first partnership allows football fans around the world to experience the best of Web3 and enjoy a gamified metaverse experience. The agreement also gives fans access to a collection of famous video highlights from the FIFA World Cup Qatar matches. These include country specific team crests, boots, shirts and official World Cup logos, posters and mascots.

Report: Singapore’s State Investors Temasek Are Joining Troubled Crypto Exchange FTX

Singapore’s state holding company Temasek Holdings, owned by the Singapore government, is linked with FTX amid Binance’s plan to provide collateral to the crypto trading firm. Investors have been known to invest in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry for some time. Temasek has been investing in companies related to the crypto and blockchain industry for the past few years. Leveraging Vertex Ventures, Temasek reports to TST business correspondent. Details, also invested in Binance.

Crypto Price- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, FTX Token Tanks Up to 75%

Dogecoin wiped out one-fifth of it, with Solana down 17% and Ethereum, Polygon and XRP down 15%. Global cryptocurrency market capitalization has fallen 10% to $903.30 billion in the past 24 hours. Binance buying rival FTX agreed to.

Brussels will soon introduce digital euro legislation.

According to the President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, the European Commission is going to present a legislative proposal for a digital euro in the near future. He said legislators should define the status of the new currency and determine its privacy features. He said he is focused on embedding the concrete design of the digital euro into the legal framework and is looking forward to a legislative proposal that the European Commission will propose soon.

The world’s worst performing currency, the Cedi, reverses gains Former Ghanaian President and Economist Steve Hanke says Ghana inflation is over 140%.

The Ghanaian currency cedi fell to C14:$1 against the dollar in the foreign exchange market on November 7, which may affect the currency’s recovery prospects. The country’s inflation is much higher than the 37.2% suggested by Steve Hanke. While food inflation according to Mahama is around 122%, Hanke put Ghana’s inflation rate at 142%.


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