IMF Report on El Salvador’s Bitcoin Adoption: Risks Reduced, But Transparency Is Needed

According to a recent mission statement published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), El Salvador has adopted bitcoin legally and has so far avoided risk. The International Monetary Fund says the limited use of bitcoin poses no risk while the UN financial agency issues a warning that if its legal tender status spurs development it could threaten the country’s “financial integrity and stability”. may pose a risk.


Pantera Capital on Bitcoin: We’re in the Next Bull Cycle

Crypto-focused investment firm Pantera Capital says that bitcoin has seen its bottom and we are in the midst of the next bull market. Dan Morehead, the firm’s founder and managing partner, says that the long-term bitcoin price has seen an average 2.3x increase annually over the past 12 years, while on Thursday he tweeted that he believes the blockchain asset (Bitcoin) (using as a proxy) have seen highs and we are well positioned for the next market cycle regardless of what happens in interest rate sensitive asset classes.

Fed Governor Warns Crypto Prices Could Fall To Zero – Says ‘Don’t Expect Taxpayers To Socialize Your Losses’

United States Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller warns that the price of cryptocurrencies could drop to 0 at any point and the Federal Reserve governor stresses that if this happens, “Please don’t be surprised and taxpayers Don’t expect to collectivize your losses’ ‘. Furthermore, the governor warns that there is no need to be surprised if you buy a crypto asset and the price drops to zero at any point.

Block sizes in excess of 3MB are now common on the bitcoin blockchain as demand for simple inscriptions increases.

As Luxor, the 1st bitcoin mining pool, has mined a record-setting 3.96MB block (#774,628) on the bitcoin blockchain and the block size has been increasing over the past 12 days from that block’s height before. According to the data blocks larger than 3MB are now quite common to see and the demand for ordinal inscriptions has increased as they have crossed 65000 this week.

Russia frees Bitzlato co-founder Anton Shkurenko after questioning

The co-founder of crypto exchange Bitzlato who was recently arrested by Russian authorities has been released and is now said to have processed millions of US dollars in illegal funds. The man known as co-founder Anton Shkurenko, who has been questioned in Moscow since June in the case, denies the French allegations against him that led to his brief protest.


Bitcoin network experiences slight drop in difficulty after record high

After hitting an all-time high of 39.35 trillion over the past two weeks (2,016 blocks), bitcoin difficulty was reduced to 0.49% on February 12, 2023, after registering a 14.94% network increase over the past month. The reduction in difficulty provides a brief respite for bitcoin miners.

Seoul Bans North Korea on Crypto Theft

South Korea has imposed sanctions on the North in connection with several cyberattacks that resulted in the theft of cryptocurrencies. Officials in Seoul maintain that the regime in Pyongyang is using digital assets to finance its nuclear and missile development projects.

Daily raids on crypto farms as Abkhazia intensifies mining crackdown

Authorities in Abkhazia step up efforts to crack down on cryptocurrency mining amid power shortages during the winter months, and the government of the breakaway region of Georgia announces it is also taking steps to stop the import of mining equipment. Is. The situation in the electricity industry is extremely difficult and that the fight against mining must, among other measures, significantly reduce the load on infrastructure, it said via Russian business news portal RBC.

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Warns ‘Everything Will Come Crashing’ – Plans to Buy More Bitcoin

Legendary author Robert Kiyosaki, a crypto investor as well as a staunch supporter of bitcoin, has warned that “everything will come crashing down”, including gold, silver and bitcoin. While he sees the crush as an opportunity for buyers and says he will buy more bitcoin.


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