US lawmaker calls on SEC chairman Gensler to testify about its crypto regulatory failures

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler has been asked by US Congressman Tom Emmer to testify and answer before Congress about his deregulation arrangements where legislators say “through Gensler the bar at the expense of investors Bar Congress is dodged and left to learn about the SEC’s crypto investigation from the media like FTX. In which Congressman Emmer says that Gensler should testify before Congress about the cost of his failures. Should be told

FTX co-founder indicted by federal grand jury in Manhattan, Bahamian magistrate denies SBF bail

December 13, 2022 Prosecutor for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) and Office of SDNY Attorney Damian Williams reveals that the co-founder of FTX has been convicted of financial crimes such as fraud and money laundering, and in addition he says That this is not a case of poor oversight but of willful fraud.

CFTC follows SEC by filing suit against disgraced FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried

WHEREAS a lawsuit was filed by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission on December 13, 2022 against FTX Trading Ltd. and Alameda Research alleging that it allegedly traded currencies and cryptos, including other currencies and cryptos, during the period of its customer deposits and Was using and appropriating for. Through this the ex-CEO and his financial government forwarded millions and used this money for their real estate and political donations and other illegal activities and according to the court’s firing this is an act which we have found to be in violation of Commodity Exchange Act Section C. Can The SEC’s charges are worded similarly to the CFTC lawsuit.

Bahamian government officials reportedly asked SBF to create millions of dollars in new tokens amid FTX collapse

On Monday, court documents from attorneys connected to the FTX Trading Ltd. bankruptcy case alleged that the former FTX CEO was asked by the government of the Bahamas to create the new token and that it would presumably be a platform for live and dynamic access. There was a request which would be provided immediately to the Government of The Bahamas and M/s.

Alleged FUD hurts exchange token BNB amid speculation and rumours surrounding Binance

While following the collapse of FTX, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade, Binance has recently been surrounded by rumour and speculation, and according to four people familiar with the matter, Reuters reported on December 12, 2022 that a US Department of Justice prosecutor would Investigating and furthermore while many cryptocurrencies on all exchanges have seen a huge increase in value over the past week, the exchange token on Binance is down about 6.9% against the US Dollar over the past 7 days.

Zogi Labs partners with Cronos to launch The Legends of Bezogia

Zogi Labs, a leading crypto company and gaming studio. Crypto-based The Legends of Bezogia today announced its all-partner alliance and partnership with Cronos, saying it allows Zogi Labs to sign an agreement between Cronos and Cronos in a batch of ecosystem grants. 6 and forms a strategic partnership that will lead the way for the future of Zogi Labs and Cronos products and integrate the sale and public launch of items and users’ activity, rewards and gifts, and Crypto’s services.

US Securities Watchdog Charges Sam Bankman-Fried With Fraud Over FTX Collapse

According to a statement published on December 13, 2022, the US Securities and Exchange Commission found the infamous FTX and its co-founders to be fraudsters, and according to the chairman, the US financial regulator is accused of fraudulently misappropriating public money. Had chosen and caused loss of lakhs to the investors. According to him, whoever does not follow the rules, that company will definitely face strictness.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Hits 1-Month High As ETH Nears $1,300

Bitcoin hit a 1-month high ahead of the latest inflation report from the United States and it can be expected that consumer spending will increase to 7.3% in November, down 0.4% from the previous month. Wherein Ethereum was also more delayed in today’s session as its price moved closer to $1,300. As of writing, the index is trading at 53.75, and is now moving towards a higher range of 55.00.

Report: Chinese company launches digital currency insurance product

The Suzhou branch of Chinese insurance company China Pacific Insurance has announced the launch of a digital currency account insurance in collaboration with the Bank of Communications, and of course the launch comes at a time when the number of individual currency wallets in the Chinese city of Suzhou alone has crossed 30 million. has gone above From 2020, the Suzhou branch of China Pacific Insurance will develop its teacher currency through cooperation for the benefit of business and customers, and will use it to collect premiums and issue benefits to pay compensation Will work.


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