Liquid Global 2 and FTX of crypto platforms block withdrawals.

On November 15, 2022, crypto exchange Liquid Global announced that it has suspended withdrawals of fiat and crypto until further notice. On the same day, crypto lending platform Salt also froze deposits and withdrawals, eliminating customer benefits and convenience. Despite all this, well-known crypto lender Blockfi also filed for bankruptcy protection, which is still under process, but it halted withdrawals five days ago, saying on Monday that the moratorium would continue.

‘Big Four’ auditor PWC appointed as joint provisional FTX liquidator by Bahamas regulator

The Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB) has revealed through a press advertisement that ‘Big Four’ accounting firm PwC has been appointed as provisional liquidator of the FTX investigation. Working with other Super Supervisory Authorities in the U.S. to protect the interests of customers, creditors and others on a global scale by FTX Digital Markets Ltd.

BTC climbed above $17,000 against the Dollar and achieved a historic high.

Bitcoin traded higher on November 15 as the US dollar continued to weaken, recovering above $17,000 on Tuesday and after a low of $16,267.33, BTC/USD reached a high of $17,109.32 earlier in the session today. Gone. The weak dollar was a catalyst for the move.

According to Elliptic Analysis $477 million was stolen from FTX. ‘Account Drainer’ Becomes 35th Largest ETH Holder

On November 3, it was reported that unusual activity had been observed in FTX’s wallet and the channel’s administrators speculated that it had been hacked. John Ray, the newly appointed CEO that day, also made some unofficial predictions. Tokens worth more than $663 million were transferred and an estimated $477 million was stolen, according to the report. After this theft, the rest of the FTX tokens were stored in secure storage. If we talk about the numbers here, the account named “FTX Account Drainer” has the 35th largest wallet.

Bahamas regulator appoints ‘Big Four’ auditor PWC as joint provisional FTX liquidator.

Kevin Cambridge and Peter Greaves of ‘Big Four’ accounting firm PwC were approved by the court as joint provisional liquidators to safeguard the remaining assets of the insolvent company, according to a Monday press release by the Bahamas’ securities commission SCB. are appointed. According to the commission it is expected to engage with other supervisory authorities on a regulatory basis in the coming weeks as FTX continues to decline.

According to Yellen’s statement, the fall of FTX shows the weakness of the crypto sector.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has expressed her concerns about cryptocurrency exchange FTX, saying that its defeat will likely undermine the crypto market, adding that the crypto market needs careful trading to ensure that retail investors are truly protected from losses. is hurt Arguably after FTX declared bankruptcy all US senators want a market exchange for crypto as according to them the crypto market falls into non-compliance territory.


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