Mike Novogratz Says Bitcoin Could Return to $30,000 Next Month

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz believes that he would not be surprised if the price of bitcoin reaches $30,000 next month. The executive explained that when he sees price action, he sees call-callers getting excited and as a result, FOMO [fear of missing out] is on the rise, but he’s not surprised by it. According to him, he suspects that we have an explosive thing going on this year, and that is Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve… He’s doing what he says and what he’s going to do, and I don’t think The Federal Reserve will soon pivot and cut.


Terraform Labs and CEO Do Kwon Charged by SEC in Multibillion-Dollar Crypto Fraud

Terraform Labs and its CEO, Do Hyung Kwon, have been indicted for fraud by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), alleging that he and his company perpetrated “a multibillion-dollar crypto-asset securities fraud”. The securities watchdog says that Kwon raised billions of dollars from investors by creating an “interconnected suite of crypto-asset securities”, many of which were involved in unregistered transactions. The Securities and Exchange Commission also alleges that he committed fraud by making certain omissions and misleading statements intended to create confidence before causing catastrophic losses for investors.


US Senator Calls For Comprehensive Crypto Regulation To Protect Consumers

Sherrod Brown, chairman of the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, has called for a comprehensive regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. The recent crypto collapse has made it clear that we need a regulatory framework to regulate cryptocurrencies to protect consumers and the financial system as a whole. Platforms started giving in as soon as the value of crypto crashed last year, and the rest of the cryptocurrency ecosystem suffered several times. The remaining crypto firms have had to freeze customer withdrawals and people are getting rid of their own money. They were over-leveraged and under-capitalised, according to the senator. They didn’t have any internal risk controls and were irresponsible with customers’ money and this is what happened in the case of crypto exchange called FTX and now millions of Americans’ money is stuck and may never get it back .
Senator Brown further added that the cryptocurrency meltdown has made it clear that we need a comprehensive framework for regulating crypto products for consumer and financial safety.


Uzbekistan allows foreign firms to store funds from crypto trading, restricts other operations

Foreign-based businesses have been allowed by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan to open domestic accounts and deposit funds earned from cryptocurrency trading. These companies will be able to transfer money abroad as well, but their operations in their own country will be clearly restricted.


Biggest Movers: MATIC hits 10-month high as AVAX extends recent gains

Polygon managed to hit a 10-month high on Thursday as the coin headed for a third session. Overall, the cryptocurrency market has recovered from the recent losses and at the time of writing it holds 5.90% of the global market capitalization. Avalanches also increased, reaching a one-week high.

Crypto Lender Celsius To Be Acquired By Novawolf, Exiting Chapter 11

Crypto lender Celsius Committee of Unsecured Creditors has chosen digital assets investment firm Novawolf Digital Management to sponsor the company’s restructuring plan, according to a statement published on Wednesday and the proposed settlement, according to company attorney Ross Kwanstein. out of the bankruptcy process and the new owners could begin distributing funds as early as June.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Nears $25,000 While ETH Hits $1,700

Bitcoin went up significantly on February 16 as the world’s largest cryptocurrency reached its highest value since last August. The price started the day close to $25000 after breaking a key resistance level. A number of factors have contributed to the rally, including strong US retail sales data and easing regulatory concerns, as it reached its peak to appease investors, as well as higher gains for both cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. A great moment to have.

Court Will Prosecute 2 Russians For Stealing 86 Bitcoins From Crypto Miner

2 residents of the Russian city of Tomsk will be prosecuted “under a charge of attempted robbery” at large. This includes the theft of millions of rubles worth of cryptocurrency from a local miner, and officials say the digital coins were stolen from the owner at gunpoint while he was tortured inside an apartment. But now both the criminals are in custody.

Swiss crypto company Taurus raises $65 million from Credit Suisse, other banks

Digital asset infrastructure provider Taurus has secured millions of US dollars in investment from major banking institutions. The successful funding round comes after negative developments in the crypto space that demonstrate that the big players in traditional finance are staying connected to the markets despite its woes, and Brahimi commented that raising $65 million in the current market environment is a sign of Taurus. Tells a lot about the quality of people and products as well as highlights the detailed requirements about it.


Berkshire’s Charlie Munger Says It’s ‘Ridiculous’ Anyone Will Buy Crypto – ‘It’s An Absolute Horror’

Charlie Munger, Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, who is called Warren Buffett’s right hand and critic of crypto currency, spews venom and rhetoric in relation to crypto currency and calls people investing in crypto currency as idiots and clearly It is said that a person who does not invest in it is wise. He praises China for banning cryptocurrencies in time and at the same time criticises his country for allowing cryptocurrencies to live here. Saying that it is “absolutely ridiculous” that anyone would buy or invest in crypto, he calls bitcoin by different names and adds that investing in it is like losing all your capital.

Keanu Reeves Says Dismissing Crypto will Only Make It Better

Rejecting cryptocurrency or criticizing its volatility is one of the reasons that will “make it even better as a form of safekeeping,” according to celebrity actor Keanu Reeves. Matrix Star goes on to say that the theory and idea behind a free currency is certainly “wonderful” and that it is a wonderful tool for the exchange and distribution of resources and is trying to take this technology which People are interested in and give opportunities to artists with different perspectives


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