Government of India Updates Parliament on Cryptocurrency Bill and Scrutiny of Crypto Exchanges

The Government of India has published an update on the Crypto Currency Bill and the investigation of crypto exchanges in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament of India, according to which the Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance said that crypto assets are borderless and there is a strong need for international cooperation to prevent arbitrage. Is. Minister of State Pankaj Chowdhary giving his statement in this context says that cricket assets and related ecosystem are currently working without regulation in India and governments do not register them and the policy related to them comes under the finance ministry. Currently, crypto The policy relating to the property and the associated ecosystem rests with the Ministry of Finance. India is planning to discuss bitcoin and crypto currency regulation at the G-20 summit, led by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Elon Musk has claimed to step down as head of Twitter and with it – Edward Snowden has put his name forward for CEO.

Certainly Elon Musk has made it clear that he does not have much to be the head of Twitter and he does not want to be CEO at all, he is just looking for a person who can run Twitter efficiently and Could take him to a place of advantage but he has not yet clarified any response on this and that is why when he campaigned for his continuation through a Twitter campaign, the result of the poll was through 57 percent votes. Many people react to this that there are only 20 polling where voting is being done through bots but in addition a user Edward Snowden puts forward his name for the CEO position saying that he is interested in bitcoin. I am ready to pay and can handle pressure well. Other users have different reactions to this, saying that Elon Musk should stay on Twitter.

Bank holdups and protests continue to increase in Lebanon as depositors demand their own savings.

According to a report on 17 December some of the Lebanese residents are successful in getting their money and some are protesting and struggling outside the banks to get their own savings account money and Elderly women are also involved in this demonstration who want security of their account and their money. In 2019, where Lebanon, affected by the economic collapse of Lebanon, has frozen bank accounts and closed many branches indefinitely, some poor families have raised their voice against this due to lack of money and are trying to withdraw money in their own way. have tried but so far most have been arrested and proposed for sentencing while the case says in a US court that the process has to be prepared for tougher trials outside Lebanon.

Commodity Analyst Mike McGlone Suggests ‘Bitcoin Is Poised To Outperform Again’

Mike McGlone, Senior Commodities Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, believes that a hot spell is coming in the Bitcoin markets and market strategists make it clear that the future is going to be very good for Bitcoin if the Federal Reserve changes its policies. In this context, the analysts’ predictions are definitely on a track that the famous Bitcoin and Ethereum are on the lookout to come back with all their might and it is definitely time to resume their inclination for an outperformance. is the way.

SHIB Community Members and Countdown Clock Hint Shiberium Launch Is Imminent

According to social media posts, Mim crypto project is preparing for its successful launch as Shiba Inu Shiberium which works on two layer projects. It was definitely supposed to be launched in the third quarter of this year and supporters believe that That the launch is very near where definitely the date of its launch is being determined through the clocks and we can see that this software can become the best strategy for the users and the best UI experience where the user can customise according to their own. Can do and take advantage of its best services.

Binance US plans to acquire Voyager Digital’s assets for $1 billion in a bankruptcy bid

According to a Binance blog post, Binance US has acquired Voyager Digital Ltd. to acquire its private assets. has entered into an agreement with and as per the announcement it may acquire it but according to the crypto exchange all user’s transaction and their deposited crypto exchange will remain in their account it will definitely not be harmed. Certainly crypto exchange Binance is looking to acquire it after Voyager’s bankruptcy filing and that adds to the competition for other types of companies.

Biggest Movers: SHIB, XMR extended recent gains on Monday

The Shiba Inu rises for the third session in a row on Monday, as meme coin moves away from last week’s low and today’s rise was an undelivered in the global cryptocurrency market as it is down 0.01% as of writing. where to start the week It has been very good for Monero and of course its increasing investment has been an easy process to get investors excited and despite its volatility it was seen under profit on Monday which is a great Monero another one for it was a notable mover, as it also extended into back-to-back seasons.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH Consolidate As Markets Prepare For Christmas Break

Bitcoin market started the week highly as it certainly remained volatile ahead of Christmas and the world’s largest cryptocurrency continued to trade below $17,000 on Monday as the price attempted to break out of a key representative level. where Ethereum was below $1,200 on Monday.

Basel Committee Finalizes Rules for Bank Exposure to Crypto Assets

The Basel Committee, the global banking standards-setting body, has finalized its rules relating to bank and cryptocurrency exposure, and different printings of the document show that tokenized real assets and Stablecoins and others include other cryptocurrencies and of course they discriminate on collateral and amounts that can vary to be determined by the bank.

China’s Zhejiang province aims to create a $28.7 billion metaverse industry by 2025

A new technology metaverse development plan has been presented by Zhejiang, a coastal province in China, which will definitely develop this service area into a hub and also through new projects, the plan does not aim to attract companies to this area. To provide a boost to startups. We can say that the aim of the plan is to create $28.7 billion metaverse and entice people and by 2025 to encourage each and every entity operating this technology to persuade the company and government to startup and build a successful ecosystem To do. Surely we can say that the government is against it because according to them the technology of metaverse cannot be used for every technology and every type of technology but it is not a big issue because in future also China will Working on empowering and providing employment in the subject of technology.

Web3 Privacy Layer Aztec Raises $100M in Series B Funding Round to Build an Encrypted Version of Ethereum

Aztec, a web3 privacy interoperator, has raised $100 billion in a Series B round led by a16zCrypto, a subsidiary of Andreessen Horowitz. It aims to offer key services based on a privacy policy and a private platform for Ethereum. And focus on developing and developing the ability to work with assured security on an encrypted version that will allow individuals and organisations to conduct personal transactions with each other and at the same time take their steps towards developing new possibilities and new ideas, Will be able to move forward.


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