Spacewalkers: Becoming an Investor on the Blockchain – How can one invest in the gaming industry?

Spacewalkers, a gaming studio, is revolutionizing the way that investors can participate in assured profits from their projects. The company is releasing a series of games and offering anyone the opportunity to invest in them through blockchain technology. Previously spacewalkers was at an established table with a portfolio of ongoing and upcoming games, and before reading about the studio’s history and how you can get involved, check it out here and head over to Steam !

Binance to increase presence in Poland in compliance with local regulations

Binance has revealed its intention to broaden its activities in Poland, another EU member state where the global cryptocurrency exchange is registered. The crypto trading platform plans to grow its Polish unit, recruit local talent and launch educational initiatives.

Nexo Agrees To Pay $45M To SEC And State Regulators For Unregistered Offering Of Earned Interest Products

Cryptocurrency lender, Nexo, has given its consent to pay $45 million to the US Securities and Exchange Commission and several state regulations who are against the firm for alleged failure to register the company’s Earned Interest Product (EIP). were proved While Nexo elaborated that the settlement is on a “no accept and no deny” basis and that the arrangement “closes all multi-year inquiries at Nexo.”

Eurozone finance ministers pledge support for digital euro project, talk privacy

Efforts to prepare for the possible launch of a digital euro were confirmed by the finance ministers of the Eurozone I countries. Meanwhile the monetary authority of the Single Currency Area has assured future users that No Currency by Default will be dedicated to privacy and security as well as presenting your data with a high level of absolute accuracy.

East African Community to decide on regional central bank launch in 2023

The East African Community (EAC) will decide during 2023 when and where to locate the envisaged regional central bank, according to Peter Mathuki of the regional intergovernmental organization. The establishment of the regional central bank is expected to help the East African Community achieve its goal of achieving a single currency regime in 3 years. It will decide during the year 2023 when and where to locate the envisaged regional central bank, Peter Mathuki of the regional intergovernmental organization has reportedly said. The establishment of the regional central bank is expected to help the EAC achieve its goal of achieving a single currency regime in three years.

How Bitgate Became The Dark Horse And Earned Market Share And Trust From Millions In Crypto Winter

Last year was certainly one of the toughest years for cryptocurrencies which saw the collapse of FTX, Terra Luna, Celsius and resulted in investors losing a significant amount of money which was up to 2 trillion from the crypto market. While the dark horse facing these ugly incidents is a crypto exchange – BitGate, which despite the market difficulties all banks have grown and its team, brand and business have grown significantly in 12 months during the winter. Has made more progress and developed the web3 project for the first time in 2022, which made it one of the fastest growing exchanges and had good business momentum.

Ukraine will be the best crypto jurisdiction with new tax rules, says digital minister in Davos

Ukraine will become the world’s best jurisdiction for crypto assets, as promised by the minister overseeing the country’s digital transformation. Speaking to the media at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mykhailo Fedorov praises the crypto community’s support for his war-torn nation and insists that Ukraine is a contender or candidate for EU membership and that we should be able to access the International Monetary Fund. Harmonization with European legislation taking into account the first and recommendation of the Fund and the World Bank.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH, BTC Lower, US Retail Sales Slow

Ethereum fell on Thursday as the cryptocurrency market issued its reaction to new US retail sales data. In December, down 1.1%, sales in the United States fell more than expected and today’s session saw bitcoin decline and fall below the $21000 mark.


Saudi Arabia is open to trading in currencies other than the US dollar, indicating a shift towards de-dollarization

Saudi Arabia’s Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan says after 48 years of pegging to the US dollar that the kingdom is open to doing business in currencies other than the US dollar, a statement that follows Chinese President Xi Jinping. Those urging Gulf monarchs to accept the Chinese yuan for oil and officials in the Arab capital Riyadh responded last March that the country would consider accepting the Chinese currency.

Biggest movers: meme coins move down, with SHIB down 10%

Meme Coin turned lower on January 19 as the cryptocurrency traded lower following recent highs. Shiba Inu, which hit a nine-week high on Wednesday, is down nearly 10% today. There has been massive buying in the market in the last few days with bears re-entering the market. Dogecoin was also in the red today.

FTX’s $5.5 Billion in Alleged ‘Liquid Assets’ Include Locked SOL Cash and Illiquid FTT Holdings

Published a report by bankruptcy fans and FTX debtors claiming to have discovered $5.5 billion in liquid assets for the unsecured creditor. Roughly speaking, $3.5 billion of this is in cryptocurrency assets, with 11 different digital currencies classified as “liquid assets”. While two of the firm’s top cryptocurrency wallets are illiquid as the firm has 47.51 million SOL tokens locked up as well as controlling more than 80% of FTX’s supply, the firm’s FTT balance distorts the realization of real liquidity.

New FTX CEO discusses possibility of rebooting dormant crypto exchange in first interview since taking office

Following recent revelations that the FTX debtor and bankruptcy administrator located $5.5 billion in liquid assets, the new CEO discussed the business in his first interview since taking over the exchange’s restructuring process, as well as saying that he now Want to reboot the dormant crypto exchange and explore its possibilities as now the digital currency trading platform is open to possibilities.


1 Inch Network launches hardware wallet to store users’ private keys in a secure offline setting

Decentralized exchange aggregation service 1 Inch Network has announced the launch of a cold storage hardware wallet and the team notes that the project is in the final stages of its development with the hardware expected to go on sale later this year. The wallet features a 2.7-inch e-ink grayscale touch display and does not require a wired connection.

Davos 2023: WEF Unveils Global Collaboration Village Metaverse Platform

The World Economic Forum (WEF) announces the roll out of its own Metaverse platform Global Collaboration Village for this year. Chairman Klaus Schwab plans to take advantage of the Davos representation so that more and more people and leaders can meet in the virtual world and work efficiently through global cooperation and efforts, and with this efficiently coordinate relationships Can go

NYU Professor ‘Dr. Doom’ says 99% of crypto is a scam – tells investors to ‘stay away absolutely’

NYU Professor Nouriel Roubini, also known as Doom. They have warned that “99.99% of crypto is a scam, and a criminal activity and a total genuine bubble Ponzi scheme. This scheme has definitely failed and they clearly advise investors to stay away from crypto altogether.” Has advised and also said that most of the people in the crypto space are of rogue nature, most of them are spending time in jail.

Ripple CEO ‘Optimistic’ About SEC Lawsuit Over XRP – Says ‘I Feel Very Good About Where We Are’

According to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, he is optimistic that the US Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit over XRP will definitely be resolved in 2023, and he says that the matter can be resolved in the first half itself, and he is not sure about it. I think very well that he is relative to the law and the facts. Certainly the Securities and Exchange Commission and Deeply very outwardly say that they view all crypto as a security when it was very clear that the facts were on their side and the law was on their side and the court files. By watching they understand that the judge is surely listening to their arguments.


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