Next Crypto Bull Run Will Start From the East, Says Gemini Co-Founder

According to the co-founder of Gemini, the next crypto bull run will come from the east. He went on to say that this would be a polite reminder and that cryptocurrencies are a global asset. “The West, in fact America, always has two options, either to accept it or to leave it, but it cannot be stopped. My working motive is this,” the co-founder tweeted on Sunday. That the next bull run is about to start in the east will be a humbling reminder that crypto is a global asset class.


US State Regulator Launches Crypto Scam Tracker

The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) has given its residents a great gift with the launch of a Crypto Currency Scam Tracker to help them “spot and avoid crypto scams”, the regulator said. The California Department of Financial Production and Innovation will continue to update the tracker to quickly alert and protect the public as the latest cryptocurrency scam reports emerge, as well as review publicly submitted complaints. WebMD details the cryptocurrency scams identified through the Internet and advises California consumers and investors to do their own research and avoid harm.


Crypto Hedge Fund Gallows Capital Shut Down – ‘We Lost Nearly Half of Our Assets to the FTX Disaster’

Crypto hedge fund Galva Capital is shutting down after losing assets invested in crypto exchange FTX woes. The co-founders of the fund say to their investors that, “Given the seriousness of the FTX situation, we do not believe that it is feasible to continue operating the fund, both financially and culturally”. Galva’s co-founders Kevin Zhou writes that “they feel sorry for the current situation they find themselves in”. From the collapse of Luna to the 3AC credit crisis, of course it’s a tragedy starting with the crypto exchange failure. The saga has caused a lot of damage to the crypto industry.

Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake Yields to Deflationary Consequences

The 158-day data from The Merge tells us that Ethereum’s annual issuance rate has been reduced to negative 0.057% since the transition from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). And according to the data more Ethereum tokens have been minted than have been issued and if the chain would still be under Proof of Work, 1,823,678 Ether would have been mined to date.

SOL and HNT tokens surged significantly in March as Helium Network migrated to the Solana blockchain

Speaking of which, the crypto asset Solana is up more than 23% against the US Dollar in the last 7 days and following this announcement, Helium Network is planning to migrate to the Solana blockchain on March 27th. Helium, the native token of the Helium network, has also been on the rise, rallying and is up 25% over the past week against the greenback.

Biggest Movers: SOL Up 11%, BCH Hits Strongest Point Since July

Solana records 11% gain to start the week, as the coin moved higher for the fourth consecutive session and market sentiment has been mostly bullish over the past two weeks, leading Monday’s price to multi-month highs went to the level. Bitcoin Cash also surged and moved to its strongest point since July.

Ordinal Inscription Collection Grows as Creators Monetize Art on the Bitcoin Blockchain

With over 150,000 simple inscriptions now on the bitcoin blockchain, there are many collectibles as creators and artists find a new way to monetize their artworks through blockchain technology. In the past month, people have launched collections such as Ordinal Punks, Ordinal Penguins, Bitcoin Showrooms, Inscribed Pepe, Planetary Ordinals, Based Apps, Satoshi Punks, Ordinal Eggs, Block Munchers, and more. While the inscription trend is not yet over many collections are trying to establish themselves in the emerging market and some are selling for significant value.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Hits $25,000 After Moving Average ‘Death’ Cross

February 20th sees bitcoin close to $25,000 as the fancy market was trading at recent highs. Key market data and economic surveys tell us that the week started partially in the green. The United States FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) will release its latest data on Wednesday, followed by United States GDP data on Thursday. Ethereum is still trading above $1,700 today.

Crypto dominates as payment method for remote workers in LATAM

A report by Deal Lab for Global Employment states that most remote workers prefer to receive payments in cryptocurrencies, which are linked to LATAM, and the reasons for this finding are said to be varied, but include the volatility of some local fiat currencies. and includes the impact of high levels of inflation in the sector.

Search engine of Russia -Yandex search engine adds cryptocurrencies to its converter

Russia’s largest search engine, Yandex, has updated its currency converter to add cryptocurrencies, and now it has plans to offer crypto-to-crypto pairs in the future as well, comparing the rates of these coins to a number of fiat currencies. shows in

Chinese tech giants Tencent and ByteDance plan to cut their Metaverse divisions

According to reports, Tencent and Bytedance, two Chinese tech giants, are planning to cut a large number of jobs in their metaverse divisions. Tencent believes it is making some staff adjustments amid rumors of hundreds of layoffs at its extended reality division, while ByteDance also plans to lay off staff at its Metaverse headset subsidiary Pico..


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