Indian Finance Minister Pushes For International Cooperation On Crypto Regulation – Awareness Campaign Discussed

The push by Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaramana to create a regulatory framework to regulate the crypto currency sector as well as to introduce mainstreams in it has been explained by the demand for a special level of international cooperation. The Indian Finance Minister confirms that the Indian regulators will certainly continue to spread the word about the risks posed by cryptocurrencies as well as bring awareness to the public. In India, crypto is included in G20 and it is doing so because it seems that crypto currency is driven by technology from all over the world and there is a need for a clear opinion of all and international cooperation is needed for this. The discussion regarding the MLA is going on and will be informed whenever there is an update.

World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee says crypto is ‘really dangerous’ but could be useful for remittances

According to Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, cryptocurrencies are only “really dangerous” and “merely speculative”. Claiming that the cryptocurrency is for people who “want to get out of gambling,” and that it could be useful for remittances. Li also said that this is only a guess. Apparently it’s really dangerous and he shared that after using it for remittances, it seems like the most useful thing if you transfer stuff to the blockchain because you can get it from your family right away .

Federal Judge Rules NBA Top Shot NFTs Can Be Considered Unregistered Securities

Federal Judge Victor Marrero ruled Wednesday that the NBA top shot’s non-fungible token (NFT) issued by Dapper Labs can meet the requirement to be considered an unregistered security. The matter came to light in 2021 when Dapper Labs was sued by an NBA Top Shot collector, claiming that NBA Top Shot NFTs, known as “Moments,” were issued via the Flow blockchain. Well known, they are actually securities.

Luxor Technologies acquires OrdinalHub to provide tools for bitcoin-based NFTs

With bitcoin-based digital collectibles becoming a popular trend, full-stack bitcoin mining services company Luxor Technology has acquired the platform Ordinal Hub, a project that enables the purchase and sale of NFT tokenized assets issued on bitcoin. , provides tools to sell and track.

US Federal Trade Commission investigates marketing plans of crypto firm Voyager

According to a recently filed court document in the Voyager Digital bankruptcy case, a United States Federal Trade Commission investigation into the crypto firm’s business is ongoing and is in the process. The FTC, like the US Securities and Exchange Commission, has objected to Binance United States buying Voyager assets.

BIS General Manager Casts Scepticism On Stable Coins, Claims Tokens Don’t Benefit From Regulation Or Central Planning

According to Augustin Carstens, the so-called head of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), cryptocurrencies have definitely lost against fiat currencies issued by the world’s central banks. Addressing the Monetary Authority of Singapore on Wednesday, the chief added that stablecoins are not reliable and they certainly lack “the institutional arrangement and the social conventions behind it.” Only the legal and historical infrastructure behind the central bank can give great credibility to money.

Biggest Movers: LTC breaks streak, SOL down 7%

Litecoin broke its 4 day downtrend on February 22 while the cryptocurrency market was trading mostly lower. The coin climbed for the first time in the Saturday session when it’s price was above $100.00 and on the other hand we can say that Solana extended the recent decline, falling as much as 7%.

Litecoin network follows bitcoin’s lead by adopting simple staking

The technology has been posted to the Litecoin network following a growing trend of post-ordinal inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain, and the number of onchain Litecoin inscriptions has reached over 13000. Software developer Anthony Guerrera has made a mark on the network by acquiring 22 Litecoins to make it possible to port the technology to a proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain. The developers also say that: The first Litecoin ordinal has been recorded on the Litecoin blockchain. The Mimblewimble whitepaper will live forever in Litecoin.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Breaks Below $24,000 Ahead of FOMC Minutes

Bitcoin extends recent decline as markets prepare for release of latest Federal Open Market Committee minutes Chose this option instead of protecting. Ethereum also declined, although it remained above the $1,600 mark.


Paraguay Will Become Top Bitcoin Mining Center According to Insight Group in LATAM

Paraguay is the smallest country in LATAM according to mining insight group Haslett Index, and it has the prerequisites to become the next bitcoin mining hub in the region. The company also notes that Paraguay has a number of factors in its favor, including an abundance of clean hydroelectric power sources. While the attitude that the government has taken towards the mining of cryptocurrencies can certainly slow down its growth.

Satoshi Is The New Premium Bitcoin Apparel Store You Don’t Want To Miss

The latest player to enter the bitcoin apparel market is quickly making a name for itself. Founded by Australian resident and entrepreneur Bailey Jacobs, an entrepreneur based here and importantly, bitcoin enthusiast, Satoshi Nakamoto is quickly becoming the first to become known for some quality and professionally designed bitcoin clothing. Have become brands.

Kraken CEO: Regulators have allowed the bad guys to grow and thrive on their agenda

Jesse Powell, CEO of crypto exchange Kraken, says that US regulators will definitely “let the bad guys grow and blow up because it serves their agenda,” and the executive explains that the bad guys can only do things with a huge competitive advantage. do and that users choose the revenue and the capital and the enterprise that goes to the good guys”. According to them they have a principle and the regulator allows the big guys to grow up and explode because it serves their agenda.


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