Ukraine’s Financial Watchdog Reports Blocking Russian Crypto Exchanges

Access to a variety of online crypto exchangers operating out of Russia has been blocked by Ukraine’s financial monitoring agency. A report by the regulatory body suggests that some coin trading platforms are working with banks approved by Russia.

China-backed blockchain project proposes SWIFT alternative to stablecoins and CBDCs

The company developing China’s blockchain network wants to build a system that provides international settlement with stablecoins and state-issued digital currencies. The plan aims to establish a platform to facilitate the use of these two fiat-based assets in foreign trade and to limit access to all.

Bank of Spain greenlights euro-backed stablecoin token pilot program

The Bank of Spain has given its approval to launch a pilot program involving the issuance and use of euro-pegged stable coins. MONEI, a fintech institution, is launching the program and will also allow users to issue digital euros alongside deposits to use them in payment applications, resulting in increased transparency. Alex Saiz Verdaguer, CEO and founder of MONEI, said that the future of payment systems is digital. Surely this is an opportunity for Spain to show Europe and the world that it is Spain at the forefront. Euro is the ultimate pan-European solution that will allow citizens and businesses on the continent to send and receive money very quickly.

Philippine Authorities Rescue Alleged Victims of ‘Crypto Trafficking Ring”

Philippine authorities say they have protected alleged victims of a “crypto trafficking ring” that recruited people to work at a call center in Cambodia and conned people out of their cryptocurrency. At the same time, the authorities are also probing government employees who have assisted the crypto smuggling syndicate.

FBI seizes bitcoins from foreign scammers posing as US law enforcement officers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says it has seized millions of dollars worth of bitcoin from a foreign scam targeting the elderly. The fraud was carried out by scammers posing as members of US law enforcement agencies and providing false reassurance to victims to implicate them in transferring money to safekeeping.

NFT market sales soared 16%; 43.48% increase in buyers in the third week of 2023

At the end of the 3rd week of January 2023 we can see that NFT tokens have seen a growth of 16.39% in total sales. As per the market trends last week 320,580 buyers participated which is 43.48% higher than the previous week. If we talk about sales, $256.69 million was recorded in the last 7 days in which $206.06 million were Ethereum-based NFTs.

Examining the Holdings of 5 Centralized Crypto Exchanges: A Look at Binance, OKEx,, Bitfinex and Huobi

The crypto exchange collapse incident prompted several major crypto exchanges to publish proof and reserve and lists of known addresses so that users can verify the solvency of the trading platform. While the veracity of these proof-of-reserve lists and asset dashboards is truly verifiable, they provide some insight into the large amounts of cryptocurrency held in custody by major exchanges. Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, manages $66 billion in crypto assets, which accounts for more than 6 percent of the $1 trillion net worth of the entire cryptocurrency economy.

Debt Deflation Warning, Shiberium Buzz Sees SHIB Rise, Former FTX US President Talks SBF, More – Review Week

Jeff Booth has issued a warning of “a great depression on steroids” if the US central bank continues to raise interest rates, while discussion about an expected layer two scaling solution, known as Shiberium, continues to accelerate. background for. Additionally, statements from former FTX President Harrison that led to his leaving the company and the result of an argument between him and the former CEO have been highlighted. Lastly, John Reed Stark, a former Securities and Exchange Commission official who spent 15 years leading the Securities and Exchange Commission as counsel and implementing cyber projects, also predicted that regulators are just starting up and time will come will get to see a lot while living.


US Authorities Charge Mango Market Attacker – Defendant Arrested, Detained in Puerto Rico

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and Department of Justice (DOJ) have charged an alleged attacker who stole $116 million from crypto trading platform Mango Market. The defendant has been arrested and is currently in custody in Puerto Rico.

Monthly player count for Axis Infinity not seen since November 2020

After recording $4.26 billion in non-fungible token (NFT) sales, game Axi Infinity’s monthly figures for revenue from play and the number of players fell to their lowest levels since November 2020 in a 26-month period. Despite the small number of players, AXS, the project’s native token, is up 62% against the US Dollar over the past 30 days.

Binance Banking Partner Will Ban Crypto Trading Transfers Under $100K

Customers of one of the banks facilitating fiat operations with Binance will no longer be able to trade cryptocurrencies via SWIFT transfers of less than $100,000. In February, financial institutions will introduce minimum transactions aimed at reducing the risk of digital assets, as a result of which some individual users will no longer be able to use SWIFT bank transfers to buy or sell crypto with up to 100000 USD.


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