Bitcoin at 2-year low and bankrupt FTX holds $1.2 billion in cash while Binance demands funds.

The world’s largest digital currency bitcoin has come down to its 2-year low where bitcoin fell to $15480 which is the lowest level since November 11, 2020 and the digital currency has come above that level and recently touched around 16,125. Trading on the dollar. At $1,120, ether traded 1.5 percent lower but investors worry that spread could spill over to the rest of the business.

Coinbase CEO Says Company Holds 2 Million Bitcoins, Reminds People of the Firm’s ‘Financials Are Public’

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong says that as of September 30, 2022, the company will hold 2 million bitcoins worth $39.9 billion. It is up to all of us to move forward and build this industry in a responsible way, according to the Coinbase co-founder. Need to come together and beware of misinformation. As of November 20, 2022, according to Binance holds approximately 584K bitcoin while Coinbase Pro, known as Coinbase Exchange, holds approximately 532K bitcoin.

Report: China Suspected of Stockpiling Gold to ‘Cut Greenback Dependence’

The World Gold Council report covered global gold demand and said that central banks around the world had brought about 400 tonnes of gold in 2022 and this was the highest on record but the report on November 22 says that the mysterious buyer of gold China may have further alleged that China has “purchased a substantial amount of gold from Russia and the move is to reduce dependence on the US dollar”.Economists said Russia and China could potentially develop a gold-backed currency that could undermine the greenback.

JP Morgan issues Wallet trademark covering various virtual currency and crypto payment services.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted JP Morgan Chase Bank’s trademark registration for use in the form of a wallet for virtual currency transfer and exchange as well as crypto payment processing, payment for crypto services, and other financial services. USPTO 15 Issued the trademark registration of the bank on Nov. 2020 while the date of application was July 24, 2020. wallet is said to be
Real-time sub-ledger that manages payments of any number of customers, suppliers and vendors in a systematic, easy way.

US senators called and urged to stop offering bitcoin, citing serious problems in the crypto industry.

The senator urged that considering the situation in FTX, allowing bitcoin is a matter of concern and should be considered. He added that given the problems in the digital asset industry at the moment, the industry is full of promises made by opportunists and self-proclaimed investment advisors who execute orders without any transparency. He said that at this point of time we need to re-think the decision regarding promoting bitcoin exposure.


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