Economist Peter Schiff Explains Why Bitcoin and Gold Soared This Year – ‘They’re Rising for Opposite Reasons’

Gold bug Peter Schiff, economist and founder of SchiffGold, explains why bitcoin and gold are surging this year. They claim that the price of gold is climbing because investors are using the metal as a hedge against inflation and the weakening effects of the dollar. He says that both bitcoin and gold are rising but for opposite reasons.

New South African Code Says Crypto Asset Ads Must Include Capital Loss Warning

Crypto asset service providers in South Africa have been asked to advertise “sought to attract investors to clearly state that investing in crypto assets is likely to cause losses or may result in loss of capital”. Influencers acting on behalf of crypto assets service providers should not provide advice on investing or trading in crypto assets or promise any profits and returns.

Crypto regulation is like a flimsy umbrella in a monsoon

Joseph Collement, General Counsel of, says in his opinion that it is very important to have a significant regulation system and he definitely adds to this and says that having regulation will definitely benefit the users. And along with that incidents like money laundering and hacking will come to an end.

Finder experts predict bitcoin to peak at $29K in 2023, but forecast a low of $13K

While bitcoin’s price is set to rise in 2023, crypto and fintech experts polled by product comparison web portal believe the leading digital asset will breach the $30,000 mark this year. Finder’s panel of 56 experts convened to give their 2023 bitcoin price forecast, and the panelists suggest bitcoin will hit $29,095 this year.

South African Disputes Resolution Office Says It Now Considers Crypto-Related Complaints

According to South Africa’s Office of the FAIS Ombudsman, an independent dispute resolution office, individuals with complaints related to crypto that occurred after October 19 can now formally lodge their complaints on the agency’s website. While the office of the ombudsman insisted that all complaints made before crypto assets would not be considered financial products and should not be proposed again.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH Consolidate Ahead of US GDP, Consumer Sentiment Data

The cryptocurrency held strong recent gains on January 24 as markets prepared for a big week of US economic stability. What to do with GDP for the fourth quarter will be released on Thursday. This will be followed by the release of consumer sentiment data 1 day later while Ethereum made gains in today’s session as its price moved below $1684.

Europol says Bitzlato executives arrested in Europe, exchange launders 1 billion euro

Four more team members of crypto exchange Bitzlato were taken into custody by European law enforcement authorities, according to Europol’s announcement. The police agency says that nearly half of the money processed through the platform was linked to various criminal activities.


Biggest Movers: AVAX hits multi-month peak as MATIC jumps to 1-week high

Avalanche surged to a multi-month high after the number of bitcoins on its network surged to 5,493 on Jan. 24 following the news. Today the token gained 5 percent, rising for a third session in the process. Polygon also hit a one-week high on Tuesday.

Quicknode Raises $60M in Series B to ‘Fuel Blockchain Adoption’ and Expand Globally

On Tuesday, Quicknode announced that it has raised $60 million in a Series B funding round led by Web3 Infrastructure Farm. The capital injection takes the company’s post valuation to $800 million. The company says the funds will be used to “further promote blockchain adoption”.

Jim Cramer Says Avoid Crypto, Stick With Gold For ‘Real Hedge’ Against Inflation And Economic Chaos

Mad Money host Jim Cramer advises investors to avoid cryptocurrencies and be careful investing in them if they want to seriously hedge against inflation or economic policy. Further they say that we recommend that you don’t go with bitcoin and instead invest in gold now as it is more hedged. Some people have also supported the tweet, but some experts have also criticized his tweet and described bitcoin as more influential than gold. Clearly Jim is critical of cryptocurrencies.


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