NBA Expands Partnership with Meta To Bring Basketball Games To The Metaverse

The NBA has signed a current partnership with Meta to broadcast and promote its games, and the company announced that 52K of the league will be made available for viewing with virtual rustic technology powered by co-platform Extadium are using. Talking about five of these games, which will be presented in a fascinating way for the leading metaverse app Horizon Worlds, director Sarah Malkin says that the virtual reality superpower will do everything possible to share the experience with fans around the world. and we’re extremely excited to bring great features to NBA Arena and live games, while director Rob Shaw emphasized the importance of bringing the latest technology to fans, and according to him, META’s immersive virtual reality technology Providing fans the opportunity to engage and interact with their favorite teams and fans will be able to express themselves by wearing their favorite team’s gear on avatars and enjoy more NBA LIVE games.

Paraguayan bitcoin mining companies hurt by electricity rate hike of over 50%

Paraguayan companies are definitely feeling or getting hit on their profits due to the increase in electricity tariffs established by the government for cryptocurrency mining activities, and a report by Brains mining business developer Nano Grijalba says this. It is believed that mining hosting in Paraguay has become an unprofitable business due to changes in electricity tariffs after the crypto law was vetoed.

Coinbase fined €3.3 million in Netherlands, exchange considering appeal

The Dutch Central Bank has announced a €3.3 fine on crypto exchange Coinbase for providing services without the required registration, due to its services being offered in the past, and the trading platform has time to object to it. He is currently considering an appeal against the move and is exploring possibilities to avoid it and the amount of the fine. Significantly, this type of fine has also been imposed on the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance.


Financial advisors see strong interest in crypto – 90% receive inquiries about crypto investments, survey shows

The latest survey shows that interest in cryptocurrencies remains strong among clients of financial advisors, and despite the negative market performance, the most common question was ‘Should I consider investing in crypto?’ The survey results show that despite the bullish reforms of 2022, the financial advisor market remains highly engaged with 15% allocated to client accounts and the other 90% taking up inbound queries from clients about the space. Vettafi Head of Research , it was remarked by Todd Rosenbluth that advisors who want their end clients to invest in cryptocurrencies despite the volatile trend expected in 2022 want to learn more about them and interest them more for those with a long-term focus.

Biggest Movers: ADA Climbs to 11-Week High as Crypto Markets React to US GDP Data

Cardano hit an 11-week high on Thursday as the market reacted to data that the US registered a 2.9% increase in GDP. The coin was up 5 percent on the first day, climbing to its strongest price since November, and in the process Monero was in the green, nearing a key resistance level.

Tesla’s Q4 Balance Sheet Shows $184 Million in Bitcoin Holdings

If we look at Tesla’s balance sheet, through the latest Sweets we can see that it shows $184 million in bitcoin holdings. Its latest figures showed no digital assets were sold in the fourth quarter of 2022, despite the crypto winter and the relaxation of the crypto ecosystem, and Tesla boss Elon Musk, a self-made billionaire, says he is long overdue. Have come to believe that Tesla will be the most valuable company on earth.


The gold’s luster will fade as Harry Dent predicts a massive crash; Bitcoin will follow suit below $3,250

Certainly, the price of gold has seen a huge increase in 2023 and where its current prices have increased from $ 1823 per ounce to $ 1937 per ounce. While Harry Dent, founder of HS Dent Investment Management, believes that this trend may not continue in the future and according to the data, gold may fall in the range of $900 to $1000 in the next 18 months, the financial writer sees that the 2009 to 2021 By the end it was up to 120% and it was only the US central bank that was stimulating the stock market to go up.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Back Above $23,000 After Tesla Q4 Earnings Report

Bitcoin moved above $23000 on Thursday after the release of Tesla’s quarterly earnings report and the report also shows that Tesla holds 9720 bitcoins worth $223 million while Ethereum seems even higher as it is worth $600. appears above and in the process rebounds from recent losses.

Where are the crypto OGs? – Taxation is theft, but Joe Biden needs the money for ice cream

According to crypto’s “original gangster”, the OG, bitcoin was certainly once seen as a means of getting out of a violent system, and crypto enthusiasts and newcomers think that’s a good thing. is also offering sham services to peer-to-peer prices. Ignoring the problems of fiat money, he goes for political parts like Satoshi Nakamoto to regulate the digital market and the same actor who the US President has recently been complaining about not getting enough tax money for struggling America Have been in discussion about. Taxation is certainly a major means of doing this and for crypto OGs, taxation is still piracy, and permission less, peer-to-peer exchange is still the answer.

Several crypto exchange websites taken down in Kazakhstan

Online platforms for exchanging cryptocurrencies outside the purview of the law have been targeted by financial authorities in Kazakhstan and documents, computer equipment and cryptocurrency wallets were seized during searches in the northern part of the country.

Blur NFT Marketplace Surges in Volume and Market Share, Rivaling Industry Leader OpenSea

Blur, the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, has seen significant growth in volume since its launch in October, and according to Dune Analytics, Blur has captured nearly 30 percent of the market share in sales volume, while NFT marketplace leader , Opensea holds 48% of the market share.

After Mocking Price Model, Crypto Advocates Discuss Bitcoin’s Rainbow Chart Reintegration

On several occasions last year, crypto advocates discussed how many of the models predicting the future of bitcoin had failed, despite the fact that bitcoin has seen a 36 percent increase in its value over the past month and 2022. Price has entered the deepest band of the chart after the rainbow broke below the lower band of the chart at the end of .


Arizona Senator Introduces Bill to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

A set of crypto currency bills has been published by Wendy Rogers, a senator in the US state of Arizona, one of which is to legalize bitcoin, that is, to establish it under legal tender and with this to make bitcoin legal. to grant recognition. The legislator in April had said that centralized digital money controlled by central banks is like a slavery while decentralized bitcoin is freedom. It characterized bitcoin as the first peer-to-peer digital currency, maintaining a record of transactions A on the blockchain, and new units of currency generated by the computational solution of mathematical problems that are independently operated


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