Goldman Sachs ranks bitcoin as the best performing asset so far this year

Certainly we can see that Goldman Sachs has named bitcoin as the best performing asset so far this year and cryptocurrencies are also on the list of the global investment banks as the asset providing the highest risk return. TOPS – Gold, real estate, is above the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100.

US lawmaker outlines priorities for regulating crypto and making America the place for blockchain innovation

The chair of the newly formed Digital Assets Committee, US Congressman Andrew Hill, has certainly outlined some efforts to integrate the crypto sector into the regulatory system and ensure that there is a space for American fintech and blockchain innovation as a whole. He wants a regulatory framework that is transparent in nature to developers and investors and potential consumers.

Matrixport joins a growing list of crypto and blockchain companies to let go of employees

Crypto firm Matrixport, led by former Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu, made an important announcement on Friday under which the company is laying off or furloughing 10 percent of its employees and the reason given by its COO, Cynthia Wu. cited “changes in the regulatory climate” and “industry-wide capitulation”. The process of firing by the company is definitely in the corporate sector and many big companies have fired their employees.

Proposed crypto mining ban in residential areas in Russia

A ban on domestic crypto mining should be established in Russia or its territories, Kremlin advisers have suggested, and the ban is apparently aimed at preventing fire hazards in residential buildings. Miners have been blamed for breakdowns and blackouts due to the high load on the grid.


Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH Consolidate Ahead of US Consumer Sentiment Data

Bitcoin consolidated on Friday as traders prepared for the upcoming consumer data release from the United States. After breaking the 5-month high on Thursday, the price is sure to have dropped below $23000 once again and with it Ethereum has also slipped and dropped below $1600 in the process. Certainly after the recent increase in bitcoin difficulty level by 3.82% to its all-time high of 39 trillion and with this the bitcoin network is set to register a difficulty on Sunday 29 January 2023 as As per the current estimate, it can be expected to grow by 3.82% more. The change certainly followed the final difficulty again to its target, which was up 10.26% to a current high of ₹37.59 trillion.

Biggest Movers: MATIC Nears 3-Month High as LINK Extends Recent Gains

On Friday we could see the Polygon hit its highest level since early November as the markets reacted to the latest US consumer data. The sentiment had increased to 64.9 in January from a reading of 59.7 in December. We can see that Chain Link also fell in today’s session and reached its highest point in 2 months.

Crypto asset Aptos surges 391% in 30 days to all-time high

Over the past 30 days we can see that the layer one blockchain asset Aptos (APT) is up 391.8% against the US Dollar with a definite rally in the last 7 days before reaching a high of $19.92 per unit on Jan 26, 2023 Aptos has increased by 123.7% since then.

The California DMV Is Putting Its Titles On The Blockchain

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in California is considering a project to digitize all teachers and put them on the blockchain. The project, which will use the Tezos blockchain and has been done with the help of Oxhead Alpha, a crypto dev company, aims to allow users to transfer titles in the form of NFTs in the future, as well as their collaboration on various matters. To do.

SEC Commissioner calls for ‘consistent legal framework’ for all asset classes including crypto

A commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission has called for a legal framework that works across all types of asset classes, including crypto assets, and warned that the current enforcement-focused approach of the Securities and Exchange Commission will allegedly harm all types of securities. By the way , it will take 400 years. The commissioner stresses that they must develop a coherent and streamlined framework that can work across all asset classes and that the law has given arbitrary and disastrous consequences for buyers of crypto and its projects in their illegal application. After all, if we continue with our regulatory enforcement approach at the current pace, it will certainly take time. He added that regulating crypto is not good or easy and that crypto innovation is likely to be curtailed if crypto institutions are treated like regular depository institutions that require heavy layers of capital and lots of staff.

Bitcoin difficulty rises by 3.82% to all-time high of $39 trillion after recent surge

The bitcoin network is set to register another difficulty on Sunday as it can be expected to move higher by 3.82% at its current estimates and this change follows its target again from the last difficulty which increased by 10.26%. 37.59 trillion to the current all-time high.


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