According to disclosure by lawmakers, Russia is planning to allow mining of any cryptocurrency.

A parliament has been told that the latest law will allow mining of any cryptocurrency. Recently Russia reviewed a draft law that broadly regulates digital currencies. According to the statement of the high official, most of the Russian officials are in favor of mining.

Fed codifies fourth consecutive 75 bps rate hike – Stocks, Bitcoin & Metals Rise

The Fed launched another jumbo rate hike by raising the federal funds rate by 75 basis points. According to the central bank, this way inflation can be brought down, and according to the Fed, recent indicators point to an increase in spending output. The Fed said in a statement that Ukraine and Russia are working to increase war inflation, which is causing hardship to the economy. . The price of gold, per troy ounce, jumped 0.98%, while the price of an ounce of fine silver rose 1.58% against the $20 an ounce zone.

Philippines Financial Institution Unionbank Now Offers Crypto Custody and Trading Services

Union Bank announced that financial institutions have started providing crypto custody and trading services. The country’s ninth largest bank, UnionBank will leverage Metaco’s platform Harmonize to operate crypto services for customers. Chief Transformation Officer Henry Aguda said in a statement that UnionBank’s collaboration with its strategic partner Metaco will seek to hone its vision of delivering effective, customer-focused services in the Philippine market and thus allow its customers to exchange It has become the first bank.

Fed Chair Powell Calls It ‘Too Premature’ To Stop Hiking Interest Rates – Economist Warns It Will Crash The Economy

The chairman of the Fed Reserve Bank says that the increase in interest rates is ‘hasty’. Economist Peter Schiff warned that “the planned rate hike will only succeed in crashing the economy, not bring down inflation.”
Schiff recently warned that the US dollar would crash and that the Fed’s action could lead to a massive financial crisis and a severe recession.

MoneyGram lets customers buy and sell cryptocurrency through a money transfer app.

MoneyGram has launched a new crypto service to allow you to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies that include bitcoin, ethereum and LTC. They want to offer their clients the best they can with the introduction of Peer to Peer Payments, a licensed US crypto exchange platform with instant access to over 120 currencies.


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