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Crypto Blockchain News Of the Day – 8-Nov-2022

Stablecoin GUSD supply closes 130% in 30 days

Gemini-issued stablecoin GUSD is up 129.5% over the past 30 days. Today’s 30-day data shows that the supply of BUSD has increased by 4.2% compared to the month before. USDC, on the other hand, has increased supply 7.5% and DAI, FRAX, USDP and TUSD also saw a decrease compared to the previous month. However, Gemini’s GUSD has risen and has a supply of around 786,146,923 today.

Bitcoin mining difficulty drops for the first time in 4 weeks.

Bitcoin miners caught a break late Sunday after a 0.20% decrease compared to the mining difficulty rating two weeks ago. The first mining difficulty decreased in four weeks, and the metric changed from 36.84 trillion to 36.76 trillion. Meets.

US DOJ announces seizure of $3.36B in cryptocurrency.

Law enforcement confiscated $3.36 billion of bitcoins from a man who illegally obtained more than 50,000 bitcoins from the dark web market Silk Road a decade ago, according to the US Department of Justice. Law enforcement confiscated 50,676.17851897 bitcoins from Zhong’s home. It was the largest cryptocurrency seizure in US DOJ history at the time, and is still the second largest financial seizure today.

The bitcoin-com wallet unlocks secure and low-cost access to thousands of decentralized applications by integrating Polygon.

Bitcoin.com announced a digital ecosystem and secure platform where users can easily work with cryptocurrencies and digital assets, has announced the integration of the Polygon Network into its 3 wallets. Bitcoin will also bring the ecosystem token VERSE under the Polygon Network, which will provide utility and Rewards are smart contracts with low fees to perform transactions involving functions. According to Dennis Jarvis, CEO of bitcoin.com, he believes in a multi-chain, which is nowhere better than Polygon that is fast and economical and has a high degree of decentralization. And security is key to censorship resistance.



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