EY’s Global Blockchain Leader says and clarifies first thing that crypto price volatility is minor and long term growth doesn’t have any effect on it rather it is important that we move to new plans and Work towards it and develop your development system more and take fast and serious action on new schemes only then our economy will come back on track.

Bank of Japan to launch digital yen pilot program next year

The Bank of Japan will successfully test the central bank digital currency yen by three top banks and regional institutions and is in preparation where the program is expected to run for the last 2 years and the reason for determining many transactions and providing the best service to the users. It will be launched with a simple duty and only one goal, to increase the efficiency of the users and to make its platform and process simple and secure. Digital Bank has been prepared for all these processes.

‘Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Make Global Commerce Easier’ – Nigerian Crypto Exchange Founder

The founder of Nigeria Crypto Exchange widely reflects the usefulness of bitcoin and supports cryptocurrencies as according to him it is a future growth industry that will provide us with a lot of convenience in payments. During his interview he answers many questions which are related to bitcoin and answers them accurately from his point of view and gives his opinion about the crypto and blockchain industry.

10,000 bitcoins were withdrawn from the wallet of defunct crypto exchange Wex, formerly BTC-e.

Wallets linked to crypto exchange Vax, the successor to the trading platform run by money launderer Alexander Vinnik, moved large amounts of cryptocurrency for the first time since 2017, with 10,000 bitcoins worth more than $165 and multiple transactions being moved to new addresses. The founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Garantex and first focused on the transfer of digital money.WAX is operated by One World Exchange Services, a company based in Singapore founded in 2018 and owned by Alexander Vinnik, former administrator of BTC-e. Was founded by partner Alexey Bilychenko.

Prospects don’t look so warm for Sam Bankman-Fried’s invitation-only Crypto Bahamas event.

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is planning the New York Times (NYT) DealBook Summit where people are eager to know about the upcoming Crypto Bahamas conference. The inaugural Crypto Bahamas 2022 conference was held in Nassau and the event hosted well-known speakers including former US President Bill Clinton and Crypto Bahamas 2022 was an invitation-only event with 2,000 attendees. Following the collapse of FTX Following this, people are speculating about the company’s Crypto Bahamas conference, which is scheduled to take place on April 17-20, 2023 at the exclusive Grand Hyatt Baha Mar in Nassau. Plans made for April 2023 are now being funded by FTX and Skybridge Capital- To be hosted by supported SALT conference promoters.

Crypto Financial Services Firm Matrixport Seeks $100 Million In Funding, Reportedly

As per the case, crypto firm Matrixport Technologies is seeking $100 million while sources elaborated that the company has already earned commitments with investors for $50 million which would give Matrixport a post-investment valuation of $1.5 billion. The company raised $100 million in Series C funding round in August 2021 and at that time it became a billion worth unicorn company and that round was led by DST Global, C Ventures and Khetri Ventures and fresh funding is in question “As part of our normal course of business, we regularly engage with assessors,” said Ross Gann, head of public relations for Matrix Port.

Biggest Movers: XRP Climbs to 3-Week High, DOGE Up Nearly 10%

XRP traded above its resistance to hit a 3-week high on Friday and the coin climbed to its highest level since early November as the price rallied for the fifth session and Dogecoin also gained 10 percent today. A higher level achieved. As of writing, the index is trading at 51.22, slightly below the high of 51.50 and currently, Dogecoin is trading at $0.08749, up about 8% from yesterday’s low.


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