It comes as no surprise that the top trending news of recent times is the collapse of FTX which continues to make headlines and all traders and industries have been affected the most because of it. We know that ever since this debacle was made public and this news was kept out, since then many types of debates and tweets have been going on and people are accusing each other in different ways where in the announcement it is Including that Blockfi filed for bankruptcy and the first of all this was Luna exploding and if you’ve heard this and you’ve been living long enough you definitely remember Mtgox and Bitconnect Which is really the kind of thing that makes us think that an FTX has really changed the whole image and to begin with what we describe as a gradual decrease in opacity, the next evaluation Using your own token you have no valuable asset base and an inexperienced team who not only screw things up but the list goes on and we ask this question so we know we How can we recover from the next Great Depression or how can we minimize the damage to the reputation of blockchain And how this loss can be turned into profit, where the answers to all these questions are yet to come to us and we know that these questions are in our minds, how will our planning begin, so how can we proceed with our plans. Will operate and how our plans will come to execution one by one. If we do this then we must return to the roots of blockchain and its principles where we see that the glory of using technology to actually evaluate projects and their real world use cases can be solved and we can do that. One can also say that this solution comes out on the basis of problems and really tired of scams and many other bad behaviour people of crypto community take time to understand the importance of such fundamentals where this change in mindset will do the best One of the movements represented is DeSci and a growing area of decentralised science blockchain where the best of web3 services arrive to solve all the big issues in science and all those services apply to the modern world Where it is only possible to go back to the fundamental values of de science to finance energy and space research as well as to exchange data and find cures for diseases that blockchain and cryptocurrencies were born in the first place and transparency Channel With this, he wants to get a properly funded Start Data Lake, which will be helpful as he aims to develop a medical data system and solve the big issues of medical science in a way that really affects the users. The consents shall be transparent and equitable in terms of their main targets, as well as allow for the multiple types of medical data present in the system and to be shared with scientists, and to give researchers confidence that it provides a data base that is relevant to diseases and conditions. Helps to find cures for incurables and which is desperately needed to help and all consent and data related operations on public blockchains that do not involve personal information thus creating a transparency and trust building data sharing process which is completely open for training at any time and provides a permit that will ensure that the system is reliable and durable and they can launch it with new concepts and generate billions of trillions of dollars worldwide where the need will be greatest with the advent of GPT3 and the evolving AI with a certain quality set and with it the more and more robust privacy protection regulations being introduced around the world Where data is becoming increasingly difficult to access, Dr. Wojciech Sirocki, co-founder and CEO, says that their spirit of consensus and collaboration has provided a third alternative to the conflict of values, which not only empowers the agency over the data, but also Provides an easy way to share data and the rewards of the economy. Through this, we create the perfect role of sharing sensitive information while respecting the privacy norms of the patients and making the data lake accessible to the general public. doing a proper launch of the LAKE token by making the token available on Uniswap where strategic investors are introduced which means they are not using the launch pad and who request a large portion of the token and they are bots not using manipulate public opinion and trick investors into investing based on artificial intelligence based on and instead they have established their approach to launch and tokennomics to create an ecosystem that is sustainable and favours only the big players Instead of taking all the players together to organise rationally while their team is not a panacea for problems and decentralise them for the future of blockchain To remove the trust from equity and exchange of data should go back to all the principles that cause fairness and transparency and create sustainable and equitable value and act according to equitable decision where as the Chairman of the Board of Data Lake, Dr. Ligia Kornovska says she completely edited Lake Token’s contract and built on a consensus-earning technology where the data donation system is already on the mainnet and the startup has already collected hundreds of consents. Orders have been passed to line up data from 20 to 30 research institutions in preparation for data transfer and full launch of the system in the coming weeks, where it will be a fair launch for the team to bring the industry on and off on blockchain and crypto. will represent a return to the principles of blockchain while also ensuring that digital economies include transparency and full access and decentralisation, and that blockchain is not used for speculative financial investment, but to address some of the fundamental issues facing humanity. Efforts should be made to resolve both and continue the effort until WebDriver plans to return to these principles, where they are also considering establishing a test record based on a transparent and fundamental principle that can be used in the future. represent and return to the founding principles without change.
Data Lake is building a global medical data donation system with a consent-to-acquire incentive mechanism based on blockchain technology and using the LAKE token to provide secure access to the public while providing data sets that will revolutionise scientific research and medical studies. Accessing medical services in an easy and private way and empowering the usage of the same is a token launch on Uniswap on September 7th at 15:00 CET.


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