Debt Deflation Warning, Shiberium Buzz Sees SHIB Rise, Former FTX US President Talks SBF, More – Review Week

Jeff Booth, author of “The Price of Tomorrow”, warned of “a Great Depression on steroids” if the US Federal Reserve Bank of course continues to raise its interest policies and reverses what it has done. Definitely a big recession. He believes that eventually the Fed will be “forced to pivot”. Also Jeff has always been a supporter of bitcoin and has always been supportive of bitcoin. He said this It was believed that bitcoin has come to live in our earth and world and it will replace the solution against all kinds and all kinds of bad policies and at the same time strengthen the payment system as well as provide security to it and that is why it was established. He had said that bitcoin is a boon for all those who are still struggling with the flaws of the traditional system and trying to make ends meet and that bitcoin is a kind of key that unlocks all kinds of features. In addition, Brett Harrison, former President of FTX, states in his statement that he He blames the former CEO SBF as the reason why he left the company and according to him the former CEO’s argument resulted in him leaving the company and with that his image there. Certainly he describes the former CEO as a shy person and also says that nothing was right in the company and when he tried to fix something, he was not allowed to do so and he was fired from the company. There were threats of expulsion. He further says that he had left the company at a critical stage where everything was in order and his dream that he would be associated with the company for a long time certainly did not come true. Apart from this, Harrison has prepared to start his new startup and it is definitely a startup set up in his optimistic form. The meme token Shiba Inu was seen moving in recent days against the US Dollar as the coin’s supporters anticipate the beta launch of layer two scalping solution (L2) scaling Shiberium, and the developers detailed on January 15 that They look forward to great scalability and fast transactions and a successful launch, and we look forward to providing better services at lower fees, and the top L2 platform on the Ethereum blockchain, “Shiberium Beta”, is about to launch. As the hottest news of this week, we can see that the attacks in the crypto industry have just begun and that there is much more to be seen, as the former head of internet enforcement of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said. Is. His warning followed recent actions taken by the securities regulator against major crypto firms. Certainly commenter Jon Reed Stark has a skeptical attitude towards bitcoin and at the same time his views are not good for it and often say that crypto currency is an insurance or a fixed deposit where we can be sure of the best returns. Can be found and at the same time he says that crypto currency is fraught with dangers and at the same time he indicates the danger for its investment. He says that it is not related to security and hence he advises investors to stay away from it.


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