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DexBerry: Set to Improve the World of Decentralized Finance and Non-fungible tokens

DexBerry network is a technology based business registered in the province of Ontario, Canada. Recently, they started working on a core project: DexBerry, a revolutionary decentralized ecosystem application that is based on the Binance Smart Chain. DexBerry is set to enhance Decentralized Finance and Non-fungible tokens systems. In this article, we will carefully analyze how DexBerry will improve these two promising sectors.

Decentralized Finance
As you may know, DeFi is one of the most important sectors of Blockchain, and it is reported to have a total market value at more than 80 billion dollars. DeFi has been on track to replace traditional finance thanks to blockchain technology, but at the is yet to do so as it is reported to have many problems; it is often very expensive, sometimes slow and may not be accessible to everyone. DexBerry will try to solve these issues by using its protocol to display liquidity from top players of Decentralized Exchanges. It will give access to all users to make choices on most of the services they want and also make services cheap, swift and make them accessible to everyone.
Non-fungible token
This is a blockchain sector that has grown so much over the last months. Until 12 months ago its growth was marginal but today it is reported to be valued at over 300 billion dollars.
DexBerry wants to create a fully revolutionary Non-Fungible Token Marketplace, that is cheap and accessible to everyone. Most existing marketplaces are not affordable: minting and display of Non-Fungible token can cost some dollars. The DexBerry marketplace will be different with very low fees and with innovative features.
DexBerry appears to be a really interesting project. It’s trying to solve some of blockchain’s main problems and if does so, it will finally enhance blockchain technology’s competitiveness and acceptance in the real world.



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