With all the various cryptocurrencies popping up, many investors are leaning
toward the type of coins that offer a lil more bang for the buck, also known as
‘Reflections’. Who can blame them?! Invest in this and earn a little of this. Millions of
millennials took those stimmy’s and turned their pockets from lint to “Im no longer
worried about the rent?” 89 million invested in options trading along with millions who
invested in crypto and made a killing! They hit the ground running and there’s no
lookin back at a 9-5 for the majority of them.

Now that their foot is in the door, the question is: What can I do to maximize on my
investments? With Whales controlling coin markets, how can those who HODL thrive?
Patience is a key factor, but how can I earn while I HODL?
Imagine for a second being 13-15 years old and asking mom to hit up the local store
and she says “Take your lil brother with you….
Ugh.. such a hassle. Just then she says “I’Il give you an extra 10 for the store and 10
more for taking your lil brother.” Taking lil bro to the store is starting to sound a bit
more opportunistic. Take lil bro and get double?!

We have seen many types of reflections, but a TWIN
CORE DOUBLE REFLECTION?! This is what the Zaddy Inu Tokens offer. First of Its
kind! Automated and built into the contract. No need for staking or using a platform.

Simply hold both tokens in the same wallet, and for every 1 $BZADDY you will
need to hold 1 million $ZADDY.
Every 1 $BZADDY becomes 2 $BZADDY (reflections only).
Every 1 million $ZADDY becomes 2 million $ZADDY. (reflections only)
Wow! Double Reflections Means Double Rewards!! Jay Rock would say that’s a Win Win Win Win


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