EBay expands into NFT and Web3 space with new job opportunities

When we look at the LinkedIn job posts, we find that the online marketplace giant, eBay, Web3, and NFTs are definitely starting and seeking a number of positions in the tech sector and this is a great opportunity for the marketplace. It’s also looking for a “creative crypto attorney” and of course Nonorigin, which it fully acquired in June 2022. Speaking of which, amid the layoffs, a large number of corporations are still looking for workers to manage cryptocurrency and blockchain services. When we look at the job post we get that the commerce company is looking to hire multiple positions in new technology and web3 technology and looking to grow it. This of course follows the acquisition of Nonorigin in the  NFT market place and the company’s filing for a trademark application for individual NFTs and other innovative services in the same month. Important positions like “Crypto Consultant”, “Head of Community” and “Marketing Campaign Executive” have been included to try and highlight the latest job opportunities, and it’s definitely estimated that 17 have been posted in the past 24 hours. People have applied for the crypto attorney position as well as 31 have applied for the collective position including the head of it and another 37 people have applied for the marketing position. If we look at it, the role of Crypto Attorney requires legal advice and support specifically on NFT, Blockchain and Web3 matters, as well as focusing development on the specialized regulatory and specifically coordinating with the internal team. Will be there and will be allowed to work exclusively with the team. The well-known marketing campaign executive needs to raise awareness as well as keep abreast of the latest technology, and according to comments made by eBay President and CEO Jamie Iannone on February 1, this will be a place where physical Both live or digital services will be available and moreover the posting follows a recent job offer from Amazon which states that the online marketplace is specifically looking for a Web3 GTM specialist. Around 41 more people apply for Amazon’s Web3 GTM specialist position which will be responsible for “growing trend of Web3 workloads on AWS” and this job offer and status shows that despite the definite layoffs in the crypto industry, there are many major corporate entities working to provide and grow cryptocurrencies and services. We are looking for the right workers to take it to a wider century and to implement it widely across the globe.‌


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