Ethereum Plans ‘Shapela’ Transition on Zhejiang Testnet – Dev Insists ‘Withdrawals are Coming’

February 2, 2023 Tim Beiko, known as a developer at the Ethereum Foundation, is said to be preparing or launching the “Shapela” transition on Tuesday using the Zhejiang testnet. Are. The word “Shapela” concatenates the words “Shanghai” and “Capella” which represent two planned enhancements and will allow Ethereum withdrawals on the execute layer as well as simultaneously upgrade the Beacon Chain consensus layer .
Beko encouraged validators to receive 33 test ether from Zhejiang taps to participate. In addition, Biko tweeted, “Faucet in the network, block one There is splorer and staking launchpad support: and if you want to run the validator through a certain shapela transition then you have a great chance to try it or else you have a great chance” “You can get 33 [Ethereum] is achievable and that’s why start your verification and get ready for Shepela on Tuesday.” The Ethereum Foundation member and developer says he believes it’s working fine and that he’s going to put it on a public testnet. Will be ready to run and also know in what order. We quickly agreed that Spolia should be first, he says, because the validator set is smaller than Goerly. It was emphasized that developers Zhejiang Public Shepela on the testnet trying to identify a glitch or a bug before the transition. The test is designed to identify any problems before mainnet is implemented to the official Shepela upgrade in March and at the time of writing we say Beacon chain contract holds 16.4 million ETH, worth 5 $26 billion is locked in on February 2023 using ETH exchange rates. “Shanghai” and “Capella” will provide consensus in the execution function enabling validators to withdraw this locked value and most recently, liquid staking service Lido has already enabled withdrawals and its implementation ahead of the upcoming mainnet upgrade in March. Plans were announced and Biko said about it that “withdrawal is coming” and if all kinds of tests are successful then we can promise that we will *move to the mainnet. He had also informed that there will be another meeting of All Core Devs (ACD) on Thursday 9th February.


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