Ethereum Will Peak at $2,474 Per Token in 2023, Finder’s Survey of Crypto and Fintech Experts Shows

This week a product comparison website published a report this week that surveyed 56 fintech and cryptocurrency experts to give their predictions for Ethereum prices this year. . Speaking of which, Ethereum experienced a challenging year in 2022 and was seen similarly to most digital currencies in the crypto economy but the first month of 2023 has seen its prices rally. Certainly if we say that according to 30-day data, Ethereum has gained more than 32% against the dollar and is now just below the $1600 per unit range.
According to experts at Finder, Ethereum will be able to reach $2184 per unit by the end of this year and will reach a peak of $2474 per coin at some point in 2023, as well as a bitcoin prediction report published last week. According to experts, they also expect Ethereum to move significantly lower against the greenback. The panelists suspect that etherium could hit a low of $984 this year. Ben Ritchie, Managing Director of Digital Capital Management, expects Ethereum to end this year at $2500 per coin, noting that Ethereum prices could drop as low as $900 per unit in 2023. . The Managing Director in the report also points out that Ethereum is dominating the market as the leading smart contract platform that is driving innovative projects within its ecosystem and it is not one but many. However, the recent market challenges and problems have increased the concern of the investors and the price of Ethereum may be limited to $2500 this year. Nevertheless, the low inflation rate is expected to keep the price stable and above $900 even if market disruptions occur in the future and problems will arise. Nearly 24% of the panelists surveyed believe that Ethereum will surpass bitcoin by 2025 and the report notes that 48% of Finder’s panelists expect that to end up flipping. Definitely laptop skeptics 60% of fintech and crypto experts believe that Ethereum is undervalued and about 28% believe that it is at a fair value and 12% think that Ethereum is overpriced and 16% think that it is overpriced. Percent is currently advising to sell it. In addition, 56 percent of participants believe this is a good time to buy and 28 percent recommend holdings. According to technologist and futurist Joseph Raczynski, when you examine all types of blockchains based on security and scalability, You get that no one else has its fundamental balance and its leadership which is made up of the important trends of Ethereum. Further he says that it is not possible to fall but in the coming months we can say that it may fall and it can be expected. The report’s average prediction for 2025 is that ETH will be worth $6,033 per unit. By 2030, the surveyed panelists expect ETH to be priced at $14,316 per coin.


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