On December 8, 2022, the core developers of Ethereum convened and held the 151st developers meeting, and in particular, discussed and took stock of many musical issues, including the next hard fork of Ethereum, and the final core of Ethereum. The trickier problem was The Merge, where a key change in the rules of blockchain networking was the transition from Proof-of-Reserve to Proof-of-Stake, meaning that the network detailed the need for users to update their node software. Where in the meeting it was revealed by the developers that the next fork, called Shanghai, will be scheduled around March 2023 and the network’s staked Ethereum withdrawals will also be specifically addressed as the community seeks to establish value on it. And want to express my opinion on this matter. where 15,597,175 Ether is locked in the Beacon Chain contract as of December 9th 2022, and using today’s Ethereum exchange rates is positioned at a whopping $19.88 billion as we’ve known for a long time that Ethereum is locked in the Beacon Chain contract and a hard fork is potentially necessary to access the funds where it was stated by core developer Tim Biko that the developers want withdrawals to be possible as soon as possible and of course and clearly Biko also commented on this Having said that we think people usually want to set goals around March-ish. Where developers want to see how they can improve Ethereum’s capabilities, software programmers will present the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4844. While both of these concepts take advantage of technology that can implement new types of transactions. Accepts ‘blobs’ of data to transmit and remain in the beacon node for a short period of time.
Binance, which presented its report on December 7, 2022, explained in detail that its report was audited by auditor Mazars Group and the proof-of-reserve verification was also successfully done by Mazars Group. Wherein on one side withdrawal is best and safe process and company’s topmost priority is given to withdrawal so that users can easily carry out withdrawal process and of course withdrawal process is absolutely necessary to provide them a safe way to do the same. Trying for. We can say that the Shanghai hard fork will be available to users with the highest withdrawal priority and this will definitely bring direct benefits to all users.


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