The future will be a world driven by innovative great technologies, a world where blockchain applications are maximized in almost any field. A world of greater synergy, cooperation and happiness. That world is here today with Green Hemp Asia (GHA).

GHA Token is a unique, native digital asset serving as the backbone of the entire GHA blockchain ecosystem that use Tron chain and cross over to BSC and ETH. The main purpose of the GHA Token is to empower decentralized investments in the future of one of the most rapidly expanding industries in the world: the hemp industry. GHA token is the first step for GHA team to bring their creation to the world.

GHA is headquartered in Singapore and has members throughout China, The United States, France, Australia, Singapore and other places. While currently branching out from East Asia, GHA is a company with global ambitions, and with a strong vision of expanding to a position of the worldwide leader of the hemp market in general, and blockchain-driven cannabis innovations in particular. It focuses on more future and present-day modern technologies that can connect Hemp and Blockchain. GHA will develop carbon dioxide extraction CBD, biosynthetic CBG, pet supplies, carbon trading, healthcare products, building materials, textiles, alternative plastics, blockchain applications, vertically integrated trading platforms, GHA token circulation, and other blockchain applications, such as trading and traceability.

GHA ecosystem incorporates precision farming, farmland mapping, internet of things sensors, vertical farming systems, location intelligence, crop management software, and other agricultural technologies with distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain farming in agriculture. GHA has the unique potential to improve efficiency, transparency, and trust throughout the hemp-agricultural supply chain. GHA (Green Hemp Asia) is an innovative company dedicated to creating groundbreaking disruptions in the global industrial cannabis market with the power of blockchain-based solutions such as digital assets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), smart contracts, cryptocurrency-focused games and much more.


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