Goldman Sachs ranks bitcoin as the best performing asset so far this year

Global investment bank Goldman Sachs has reportedly recorded Bitcoin as the best performing asset year on year i.e. Year 2. The Twitter account documenting bitcoin tweeted this week that according to the latest data from Goldman Sachs, bitcoin is the world’s best performing and most trending digital asset recorded this year. Sure enough, the tweet includes a market performance chart by Goldman that appears to show the total returns of the top 25 markets as well as their year-to-date risk-adjusted returns. If we talk about this case, bitcoin is at the top of the call return at 27% followed by
The MSCI Emerging Markets Index is up 8%. Bitcoin sits at the top of Goldman’s risk-adjusted return list with a ratio of 3.1. The price of bitcoin has moved up since the firm displayed its chart and is trading at $23130 at the time of writing. We can definitely say that it is more than 39% so far this year. Gold which many people compared to bitcoin and said that this issue appears to be a hedge against inflation and at the same time it has come to handle the upcoming economy as well as its definite application to the economy in a significant way, it is bitcoin in both the total and risk-adjusted return lists. several places below. According to Goldman It Charts and Indexing, the metal has a call return of 6% year-over-year and a Sharpe ratio of 2%, and a high Sharpe ratio indicates that the investment has given a high return for all levels of risk.
However, Goldman said in December last year that gold is a better option than bitcoin and would certainly act as a great “portfolio diversifier” because it is less likely to be affected by harsh conditions and its Probability is expressed in the same way. Additionally, the bank’s analyst also believes that gold has developed a non-speculative use case and that bitcoin is still looking for one.
Goldman Sachs has been working in the crypto industry for many years and a cryptocurrency trading desk was formally established or launched by the firm in May 2021. In January last year, the investment bank predicted that bitcoin could reach $100,000 as it continues to take market share from crypto gold. Last year Goldman completed its first OTC crypto transaction and also offered its first bitcoin-backed loan and launched a data service to help investors analyze crypto markets. Surely we can say that Goldman becoming the top ranked crypto asset is a positive result for the crypto industry and at the same time it is a significant achievement for crypto that it has achieved and certainly By achieving this milestone, the crypto industry has become even more valuable to investors.


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