Google Cloud will become a Tezos validator and offer validation services

Google Cloud has announced a partnership with Tezos, a decentralized web3 company that aims to make building and maintaining services on top of the Tezos blockchain as easy and affordable as possible for customers. The Company will necessarily become a validator (also known as a “baker”) in the Tezos Company as someone who is required to operate and be part of and contribute to its system. Will work in a very important way. The partnership presented fully includes the integration of the Tezos blockchain into the Google Cloud platform, which will enable companies and developers to successfully and definitively build and maintain applications on top of it, simplifying their tasks. Is. It provides accessibility to Tezos as another network and with services accessed and run by customers of Google Cloud and other blockchain projects such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Hedera Hashgraph and connects with polygons. Certainly its developers will also be able to reap the benefits of this partnership, as some of the startups incubated by Tezos will receive credit and mentorship from companies such as Google. For Google Cloud, of course, it is important to offer web3 based services to satisfy the growing number of customers who want to deploy their services through a simple and easy way in which they can This allows developers to accelerate development and deployment processes, and James Tromans, Director of Engineering for Web3 at Google Cloud, announced that developers in particular know the value of great technology and that they have the opportunity to deliver differentiated offerings. that build on top of this foundation and support products and services like this and want to be blockchain developers, and one of the most important takeaways from this partnership, the director explains, is the easy access to customers of Google Cloud Including being able to run nodes from uNaka believes that it allows builders to direct their efforts towards manufacturing their product and leaves its management and maintenance tasks to the service, and running large-scale nodes is time-consuming, which is costly. That eventually shifted focus away from building core products, and Tezos is currently included in California’s project to digitize all registered vehicle titles on the blockchain as announced by the California Department of Motor Vehicles in January. The information was given.


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