Homeowner drops the TROPTIONS Lawsuit after Due diligence is done, and they find out you can buy goods and services with TROPTIONS!

TROPTIONS Lawsuit Dismissed No cryptocurrency has made its way to credibility without a variety of bumps and bruises. A recent lawsuit in Georgia concerning the use of TROPTIONS used in an offer to purchase real estate was challenged by a prestigious Atlanta law firm was the cause of the action. The over-zealous lawsuit made claims of fraud, misrepresentation, and even racketeering. Such tactics are often intended to bully the defendant and get an early concession. This lawsuit has been dismissed with prejudice ending any further action.

The defendant was a sincere proponent of cryptocurrency. It is now common knowledge that cryptocurrencies are being used to buy all kinds of acquisitions. Bitcoin is now working with VISA to use Bitcoin for store-based purchases. Tesla is now experimenting by selling some smaller items for Dogecoin. The TROPTIONS GOLD trade asset token has been used for more than a decade to trade for cars, boats, jewelry, real estate, and much more.

Commerce has never been 100% cash. People have bought items with gold, silver, precious stones, stock, or other types of assets. We can actually purchase a real asset using our time, talent, and skills.

TROPTIONS is a breakthrough concept as a crypto trade asset that was not intended to be about speculation but as a kind of advanced digital currency. In fact, the originators of TROPTIONS GOLD avoided listing the trade asset token on the exchanges to avoid the manipulation of the mega-investors. The intense belief that TROPTIONS GOLD was “The Common Man’s Currency” meant that the asset built its reputation by real and impressive trades happening hundreds of times a month. It seems that the period of time to create a reliable and credible “Proof of Use” token means that there must be a protracted history of actual trades or uses of the token by real people and in real deals.

A lawsuit by an aggravated participant who chooses to discredit a proven trade program did not prove its case. In fact, it became more and more apparent that the classic definition of a deal as “What a willing seller will trade a thing to a willing buyer” cannot and should not be discredited. Even a bad exchange where one person feels that he or she was short-changed is not a cause of action as long as fraud and misrepresentation were not involved. Or simply stated, if you sell for a price today and regret the deal tomorrow, that is not a cause of action. See: caveat emptor and caveat vendor

At the core of this lawsuit is the question of what is the basis of an exchange might be. Is any exchange only equated as a cash equivalent or can we trade literally anything regardless of its perceived value? From the days of grade school when we traded a bag of chips for a donut, commerce is a basic agreement. If we regret the decision after the fact, that is on us. As adults, we have bought a car that wasn’t a good deal, a house that had a roof leak, a computer that went on sale the next week. Disappointing? Yes. The basis for a serious lawsuit? No.

Let’s give credit to the bravery of the pioneers and technology that is bringing the world a fantastic, though not fully understood, type of digital currency. TROPTIONS are a form of cryptocurrency that breaks the traditions of a “Cash Only” mentality. For more than a decade, TROPTIONS have been proven in real deals by thousands of TROPTIONS holders.

Breaking news is that TROPTIONS GOLD is finding new opportunities that expect to make TROPTIONS a spendable trade asset. As Bitcoin and Dogecoin are opening merchant accounts that accept their digital currency, TROPTIONS GOLD is at that breakthrough moment. Holders of these progressive digital currencies can expect a huge value boost when leading cryptocurrencies to actually become fungible or spendable.

Currently, cryptocurrency on an exchange may be traded for other cryptocurrencies or sold for cash. It is literally “Next Level” for a coin or token to be spendable. Look for “Spendable” coins or tokens to be the best thing to happen to cryptocurrency.


One day, cryptocurrency will replace fiat money. TROPTIONS is on a mission to replace regular money. You can call it the “The King of Coins”. It is a global currency that can be used anywhere in the world. The emergence of TROPTIONS is a one-step forward in the cryptocurrency world and the demand will increase slowly as the public becomes aware of it. For more information on The King Of Coins go to: TroptionsXchange.com

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