The internet is mourning the loss of Kabosu, the Shiba Inu dog who rose to internet fame as the face of the “Doge” meme. Kabosu’s owner, Atsuko Sato, announced her passing on Friday, May 24th, 2024.

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From Shiba Smile to Doge Sensation

Kabosu’s internet fame began in 2010 when a picture of her curled up on a couch, with her signature tilted head and raised eyebrows, was posted on her owner’s blog. Fast forward to 2013, and that same image, emblazoned with Comic Sans text in broken English (“wow,” “such doge,” “very coin”), exploded into a viral meme sensation. “Doge” became a ubiquitous part of internet culture, inspiring countless memes, merchandise, and even a cryptocurrency – Dogecoin.

Beyond the Meme: A Legacy of Joy

Kabosu’s legacy extends far beyond the world of memes. She brought smiles to millions of faces across the globe. Her image transcended language and cultural barriers, serving as a universal symbol of joy and lightheartedness. The Dogecoin cryptocurrency community, which has raised millions for charities, also credits Kabosu as its inspiration.

A Farewell to a Friend

Kabosu’s passing has undoubtedly left a paw print on the hearts of her fans and the internet as a whole. Social media is flooded with tributes, with many users thanking Kabosu for the joy she brought them. A farewell party is planned for Kabosu on Sunday, May 26th, in Narita City, Japan.

The Doge Lives On

While Kabosu may be gone, her legacy lives on. The “Doge” meme continues to be a beloved part of internet culture, and Dogecoin remains a popular cryptocurrency. More importantly, Kabosu reminds us of dogs’ power to bring joy into our lives, both online and offline.

Rest in peace, Kabosu. You will be woofed.


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