Japan urges regulators around the world to subject crypto exchanges to bank-level supervision

Bloomberg reports on Monday that the Financial Services Agency (FSA), the country’s top financial regulator, has been urged to subject cryptocurrency exchanges to bank-level regulations globally. Mamoru Yanase, deputy director general of the Strategy Development and Management Bureau of the Financial Services Agency, explains this by saying that if you want to implement effective regulation, you have to act in the same way as you regulate traditional institutions and force them to follow their own rules and regulations. established under the law. The financial services agency has dealt with the fall of crypto exchanges and the tough stance taken by the US agencies against them and the charges against the former CEO of the strong crypto exchange. According to him the failure of the crypto exchange was really deep which definitely created a scare in the minds of the investors across the globe and has given a blow given the difference in the regulations around the world and lot of uncertainties. Japan’s strict regulatory framework for crypto assets certainly calls for protection for local investors and for that they expect to be able to withdraw their funds from one of the two Japanese crypto exchanges affiliated with FTX next month. Commenting on the failure of the crypto exchange, the Deputy Director General comments that whatever the latest scam has brought about does not appear to be the crypto technology itself. It is due to a lax governance and more neutrality of the regulatory trend as well as the lack of attention of the people and investors in the right direction and that is the reason why crypto trading has been affected so much. According to Yanase, the financial services agency has begun urging its counterparts in other regions, such as the US and Europe, to subject cryptocurrency exchanges to the same level of oversight of banks and brokerages as traditional law institutions, and that Also take important steps in the major direction to regulate it. Given that the failure of a large cryptocurrency firm may require the setting up of a multinational resolution mechanism to move the country to a position of coordination and to achieve and provide stability in regulations across the globe, For this, the Deputy Director General lays special emphasis on this. Seeing that this governance system is definitely needed, the Deputy Director General is giving special emphasis that maximum number of cryptos can be propagated and at the same time no one is harmed towards it.
FSA officials stress that there is a strong need to achieve a clear framework for ensuring consumer protection and eliminating major incidents such as money laundering, as well as implementing internal controls and auditing and naturalization processes. Why the demand is being made, it needs to be adopted. He also said that regulators should also have the power to conduct enforcement actions such as onsite inspections to ensure that crypto companies are adequately managing customers’ assets. The Deputy Director General is emphasizing that the customers should not have any displeasure with the behavior related to crypto and at the same time they should be able to properly handle crypto currencies in their wallet, there is a need to make efforts and also It should also be understood that only through this effort, customers will be connected with more and more technology and we should take important steps to regulate crypto.


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