JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Calls Bitcoin a ‘Hyped-Up Fraud’ – Satoshi Nakamoto Expects to Increase BTC Supply Cap

Jamie Dimon, CEO of global investment bank JPMorgan Chase, gave an interview with CNBC on Thursday in which he reiterated his skepticism about bitcoin and reiterated his warning. JP’s work claims that bitcoin itself is a hyped up fraud. Certainly he says he was not at all surprised about the collapse of cryptocurrency exchanges as he likes to call them decentralized schemes. There’s definitely been something extraordinary around this thing. Doubts have just been raised about the supply of 21 million bitcoins by Executive Daemon and it has been said that Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoins, may remove the supply limit of the cryptocurrency.
He asked the question, “Is it going to stop until 21 million? and said that maybe it will reach 21 million and then when Satoshi Nakamoto’s picture comes in front of him he will make us all laugh and then Satoshi Nakamoto will have withdrawn $1 billion. If we talk about the executive, then of course he says about cryptocurrency that it is a pet rock and he told the News  that he does not care about bitcoin so he should leave it on the subject. It certainly wasn’t the first time Dimon questioned the limited supply of bitcoin. In October 2021 also he said similarly you can know how it ends at 21 million and do you read all kinds of algorithms? Do you all believe so? They say that both cryptocurrency or bitcoin is a decentralized Ponzi scheme and of course they don’t need any kind of numbers. Somewhere he was mocked on social media for his lack of understanding of who a bitcoin supporter is and one tweeted that Jim is still on CNBC saying that Satoshi Nakamoto could have raised the cap. He’s stupid and that’s why he’s sure most people will agree. Satoshi is irrelevant, it’s the code and the network now.” In another opinion case we see that the executive was told he didn’t understand you can see the source code to know that Satoshi smiling 21,000,000. Another user wrote that he doesn’t know if he actually knows what bitcoin is and is familiar with it, yet he passes it by and dismisses it out of pure fear. Granted he is a major final disruptor to the overbearing and overrated legacy banking business.


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