Despite the fact that the NFT (non-fungible token) space remains untamed for the foreseeable future, some of the most recognized dealers have been curating and selling artistic digital assets. The most recent announcement comes from Jwalk Entertainment , which will launch interactive NFT galleries, comic books and film based off award winning original IP’s in February 2022.

Award-winning transmedia content is the hallmark of Jwalk Entertainment. Now, it is creating waves in the Afrofuturist community. If you are unfamiliar with the term, Afrofuturism was coined by Mark Dery in 1993 in his essay “Black to the Future.” It describes how writers, musicians, artists, and filmmakers incorporate black culture and history into their works. In comic books, there has been an increase in Afrofuturism.

“There are going to be characters that die over the course of this run of comics, and it will be the fans that decide which characters they will be and what shoes they will be wearing,” said someone with knowledge of the project in an interview.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have become a wildly popular trend in the digital space, allowing for the sale of digital content without a physical form. With NFT technology, collectors can buy and store digital works, which are tracked with blockchain technology, while ensuring artists retain recurring royalties.

The use of digital assets and blockchain technology is changing the world of trade for the better. There is still much to be discovered about NFT. It remains to be seen whether big industry players in the arts, design, and fashion industries will embrace it. There is no doubt that NFTs have opened the door for digital artists to be identified and valued, and that the smart contract features of the blockchain technology will be used in future asset valuations.

Jwalk Entertainment plans to launch its NFT token on opensea and



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