Keanu Reeves Says Dismissing Crypto Will Only Make It Better

Famous actor Keanu Reeves talks about cryptocurrencies during an interview on Tuesday. Matrix and John Wick Starr say that they think the idea behind a free currency is a wonderful and wonderful tool for exchange and distribution of resources that we have. As for the volatility of cryptocurrencies, if you ask me, this is just an attempt to point out a safe haven that is doing better than it is and we can say here that it doesn’t need any explanation. The Hollywood star first reveals that he has cryptocurrency and that a friend of his bought the cryptocurrency for him some time ago. He said in December 2021 that he didn’t do anything with it.
Reeves, NFT and Metaverse also explained how he became an advisor to the Future Verse Foundation, a charitable organization based in New Zealand and launched by the blockchain technology company NFT last June. In addition to supporting underrepresented artists, the Foundation understands that it definitely does a great job and its partnership shows us that it wants to “help make the metaverse widely accessible, healthy, and thriving.” and he shares that it’s something that my partner Alexandra Grant is really interested in, and so I’m riding her coat”. I helped set up the launch, of course, and in addition both Reeves and Grant are advisors to the Future Verse Foundation. Reeves explained that we are trying to bring technology that people are interested in and also give opportunities to artists with different perspectives.
Commenting on Meta Platforms he says that “It seems like they have developed more of a role and a ground to sell and it’s definitely an important startup and well suited to sell and they feel like That it’s wealth creation and it’s an opportunity.” The Matrix star previously expressed skepticism about NFTs, saying they are “easily produced”. He was also skeptical of Facebook’s Metaverse project. He also said “couldn’t we have a better alternative”. Which is “what could be better than the metaverse invented by Facebook?” Surely the concept of the Metaverse is much older than they believe.


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