Korean venture capital firm Daesung Private Equity has decided to try its hand at the metaverse investment field, with the company announcing on November 30 the launch of a metaverse-focused fund plan to invest 110 billion won (equivalent to $83.5 million). ) will be spent where
“Metaverse Scale-up Fund”, I The company claims to be Korea’s largest business in this field and become private where Korean state participation backed by Korea Venture Investment Corporation’s Korea Fund of Funds Dictionary and Daesung Holdings, 60 billion won (around $46 million) has been invested by various companies of the Daesung consortium, including Daesung Energy, and Daesung Clean Energy, which includes participating Song institutions such as Industrial Bank of India and Shinhan Capital, in half the company which is a private The background conducted for the investment in ITI is to express a favorable opinion for the Metaverse in the future and to be the first to make this move. The company, which has a background for investing in private IT firms and has a favorable view of Metaverse’s potential future and changes in it, wants to prove through its move that its objective is to secure better funding. To increase the area of the Metaverse and expand it through other means. On this it is said by Daesung Group President Younghoon David Kim that Metaverse is already backed by being a new benchmark and emerging field and is considered as the game changer of the industry and through this fund we will One can imagine that Daesung Group will be instrumental in guiding and guiding the overall development and strategy of the Metaverse and maintaining its status and political purpose. In fact, we can say that Daesung Group is trying its best to develop new technology and develop different areas and aspects of the metaverse. This investment will empower the Metaverse community and industry to capture its name in the picture of the future while simultaneously proving with multiple methods and proofs that it is indeed capable of benefiting the crypto and returns industry. made for. This investment will develop all those technology and culture of Korean civilization and take it to a new dimension. This fund comes with the objective that virtual reality and its related digital business will grow and the limit of investment in business will increase enormously and also this investment is necessary for all the people in which the metaverse and all the resources associated with it will be developed. And they will be progressed on the basis of new experience and enterprise.


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