Bitso, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in LATAM, has launched a QR payment program for travelers in Argentina. To avoid unnecessary and often confusing cash exchange transactions, Bitso offers this unique service using QR payment technology.
Presented by Bitso, this unique service strives to make the life of the tourists visiting the country easier and works to provide them complete ease of payment. Allows to pay for services and goods with cryptocurrencies at all merchants using the popular QR payment method. Bitso’s objective is quite clear as it aims to create such an embedded Shiva that countries like Argentina can avoid the hassle of conducting or transacting foreign currency exchanges for cash and allowing more exchanges to happen. A country like Argentina has an exchange rate of over $14.
Speaking about the latest phase of this development and the new step, Santiago Alvarado, Senior Vice President of Product at Bitso, gave an extended statement that most restaurants, supermarkets and shops accept QR payments. By offering this product to foreigners visiting Argentina, we can attract more visitors in the shortest possible time by avoiding cash exchange for local currency and allowing them direct phoneless contact crypto payments , the result of which will be that more and more people will be able to take advantage of this service and at the same time the trend of crypto payments will increase as the advancement of the digital environment is important for us.
The service will be able to receive stable coins, bitcoin and ether and will provide an instant payment service with the direct objective of receiving the counterparty Argentine Peso.
Bitso aims to capture the growing number of tourists traveling to the country after the end of the COVID-19 quarantine. According to the company, Latam’s tourism industry is experiencing a resurgence, with searches for places to visit in the region increasing by 113%.
In line with what the company announced in September and made payments to Bitso, Bitso is able to offer this functionality, resulting in the ability for users to pay at a large number of stores and merchants that already have this new form. using payment. The company incorporated this offering to allow customers who were making payments with their cryptocurrency as a savings tool and wanted to avoid normal transactions.
As QR payments continue to grow in the country, the number of people made using this tool in September reached a record number of over three million payments and is expected to continue to grow in a very right direction. Looks like a step forward and one can imagine that this step will prove to be positive even further.


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