Home News London Crowned World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Hub, According To Study.

London Crowned World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Hub, According To Study.

London Crowned World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Hub, According To Study

A report was published on the 25th by cryptocurrency tax firm Recap highlighting the best global cryptocurrency hubs and we can see that London is “recognized as the best and best crypto-focused city”. If we go further into the statistics, we can say that the number of cryptocurrency businesses and employees, and research and development spending in each city’s GDP, and the number of ATMs, cryptocurrency ownership, and capital gains, along with other rates, The criteria used from the eight elements should be reworked.
The Recap report shows that London has the largest number of people working in the industry and the largest population of any other global region and is a permanent home to over 800 crypto-based companies and is set to become a global market by 2022. It hosted the second largest number of cryptocurrency related events and conferences in the year. Speaking further, it has become the world’s best center for cryptocurrency technology and investment and Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates after London for technology and investment, has the second largest number of crypto investors. Present as a currency hub. According to Recap’s study, Dubai’s appeal as a residence for crypto investors is due to 0% interest rates. The study said that Dubai has 772 companies that provide related services and New York is the third largest center with 843 firms currently operating in it. Dubai’s appeal as a residence for cryptocurrency investors is due to its 0% tax rate. The study states that there are 772 cryptocurrency-based companies in Dubai. New York is the third largest hub, with 843 firms specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and the US city is also home to the largest investment in cryptocurrency research and development. Recap co-founder and CEO Daniel Howitt said that, speaking of, crypto assets have grown massively over the past few years and have become integrated with the regulated financial market, and the fact that so many cities are adopting it is a big plus. is a positive sign. Certainly London being the world’s leading crypto hub is good news as well as a good effort for the government’s plans to make the United Kingdom a global hub for crypto asset technology and investment. London, Dubai and New York are followed in that order by Singapore, Los Angeles, Zug, Hong Kong, Paris, Vancouver and Bangkok. Recap’s researchers note that, “Hong Kong, Paris, Vancouver and Bangkok round out the top 10 due to low capital gains taxes, high volume of crypto ATMs and public interest in the crypto sector. Interestingly, El Salvador In It is ranked 41st in the table with only 10 people working in crypto currency policies and jobs based on it but it is the only place where bitcoin is considered legal as well as here. There is a full fledged exchange system for cryptocurrencies. The researchers also say that residents are able to spend it like currency because shop prices are also taken in bitcoin.



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