Litecoin (LTC) broke its 6-day decline on Tuesday as the price surged to a high of 3%. Sure enough, LTC /USD moved away from its 1-month low of $61.00 to a high of $65.60 in today’s session and the pressure intensified after the token crossed the key point and support at $63.50. and that led to this move and when we look at the Relative Strength Index we find that it has risen above 33.50 a long term bottom and after moving away from the 6 month low from yesterday the index gives us Visible at 37.46 points.
The next level of resistance definitely appears to us at the $46.00 level and if it holds the potential to be hit, Litecoin could potentially find itself trading above $70.00.
Chainlink (LINK) where one of the more notable gainers in today’s session as its price reached a 4-day high and if we look at $6.10 earlier today after moving from a low of $5.75 to start the week climbed to the top of and of course on Friday the token moved up that tame, when it was trading at a top of $6.54.
As for Litecoin, today’s all four prices again saw it move away from lower levels and we can see that in the process the recent lows appear to be moving higher.
LINK climbed to the support of $5.80, which coincided with the RSI rising above the 37.00 level and currently, the index is tracking at 39.81, with LINK/USD trading at $6.06.Definitely we can see that LTC token is trying to go to its higher level which is very good thing from investment level and gives the advantage of giving substantial amount of returns to the investors and if it can cross this level If it manages, it will be considered as one of the remarkable levels and with that we can see its remarkable gains multiply.


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