Luxor Technologies acquires Ordinal Hub to provide tools for bitcoin-based NFTs

If we talk, there are over 16000 simple inscriptions on the Pet Who blockchain at the time of writing and their trend shows no signs of slowing down. Luxor, a bitcoin mining venture, has played its part in the growing demand for ordinal inscriptions after mining the largest bitcoin block ever recorded for a single inscription ( #774,628 ), with the size of block #774,628 being approximately 3.96 us. MB was visible and the inscription advertised a group that supports simple inscriptions called Taproot Wizards.
The number of ordinal inscriptions has increased to 150000 and after that, Luxor announced the acquisition of Ordinal Hub which aims to provide tools to buy, sell, track NFTs based on Bitcoin. Luxor noted that the process was a burden in the early stages of simple inscriptions and explained how the company was accomplished over-the-counter (OTC) London on Discord. However, these trades relied heavily on “makeshift escrow” and provided a trading environment that made onboarding difficult and led to high intermediary fees.” Luxor further adds that these trades are not small. Why That this indicates a number of collectors of ordinal inscriptions have sold digital collections for more than 10 BTC. Luxor certainly plans to address these issues through its acquisition of Ordinal Hub by providing a hub for the Ordinal community. If we talk about bitcoin mining service company, we believe that we need such tools that use the collection through indexed medium and help in price discovery and provide escrow services for simple inscription trend. Ordinal Hub aims to keep up with the growing inscription trend on the bitcoin blockchain and create a one stop shop that is sure to work. A statement by Nick Hansen, CEO of Luxor Technologies, said that “Ordinals provides yet another innovative way to mint NFTs on the bitcoin blockchain and Luxor is proud to be a central player in this growing movement.” In addition, Ordinal has opened its doors to an exciting and innovative monetization policy for bitcoin miners, along with of course, a number of activities that will support the development of the infrastructure. develops and will set Luxor apart in a significant way. As of now, as of February 22nd, 2023 at 11:00 AM (ET) there are approximately 161,831 simple fiat on the BTC chain and the technology was recently ported to Litecoin as well. The practice of minting ordinals on the Litecoin chain has also become popular since its launch, and there are currently 15,899 Litecoin-based ordinals on the LTC network.


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