Maker DAO co-founder proposes $14 million fund to tackle climate change; crypto pro mock idea

The Maker DAO Maker Improvement Proposal (MIP), recently organized by co-founder Rune Christensen, includes a proposal to use 20000 Maker DAO (MKR) tokens for the purpose of funding the Scientific Sustainability Fund and, according to Christensen, “Scientific Sustainability Maker is a core principle of the Constitution that recognizes all of the unique critical links between financial infrastructure and the global environmental risk of climate change, as the forum described in the post. climate change works which it wishes the fund “misinformation about energy solutions that have proven to be, of course, counter the real-life track record for achieving scalable decarbonization and that we know at the time of writing According to today’s exchange rate this token concentrates around 14 million dollars. However, the co-founders also believe that the science of climate change is settled and that there are many more who deny its existence while many add that “there is no climate disaster”. Additionally, some crypto advocates have derided the co-founder’s plan, with some calling the proposal “trash” and its advocates “a thief who destroys value for MKR holders”. . Apparently referring to the movement broadcast by the former CEO of FTX, one person commented that Rune seems to have gone full effective mercantilism and this comment resulted in another asking, “That MKR?” Why not use your own money instead of the Treasury?” Additionally, some people liked the idea of the co-founder and some recommended that Maker DAO definitely partner with Climate Finance Project, ClimaDAO, and keep their ideas open and continue this trend with their help.


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