Midnight Massacre: ‘SEC Action on Crypto Staking Services Prompts Speculation of Further Enforcement Actions’

The recent crackdown by the top US securities regulator against crypto exchange Kraken and its staking services has been a hot topic of discussion and 1 day ago, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong warned that he had heard rumor’s that The Securities and Exchange Commission will attempt to decriminalize cryptocurrencies for retail customers in the United States. The very next day, Kraken announced it was ending staking services for US customers. The chairman, who deals with the Securities and Exchange Commission, revealed that the regulator has reached an understanding with Kraken on the issue of $30 million in civil penalties and evictions.
On Thursday, Gary Gensler emphasized that cryptocurrency exchanges must comply with regulations when offering investment vehicles to retail customers in the United States. During an interview with CNBC on Friday, the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission reiterated his look and his point, saying that “companies like Kraken can offer investment contracts and investment plans but they have to be thorough and fair and truthful.” Should provide”. Of course it protects the investors who look at your program and it’s the original law and they weren’t following it.
Enforcement actions discussed concerning what constitutes a yield product versus a non-custodial solution are not considered security. Economist and trader Alex Kruger weighs in ,”Positive narrative spin for later,” Kruger tweeted. Also banning US exchanges from offering station services would make Ethereum decentralized and out of reach of regulations and the more decentralized Ethereum is the better.
Fox News reporter told of upcoming regulatory changes actions against crypto exchanges, banks and token issuers. Of course, Securities and Exchange Commission Commissioner Hester Pierce disagreed, and she fully agreed with the action, saying that it was most worrying that the Securities and Exchange Commission’s “resolution of registration violations is entirely a program.” which has given good services to the people” Further, the Commissioner stressed that we certainly offer a solution to this “lazy regulatory settlement: develop a practical registration process that provides valuable information to investors”. shuts it down completely instead of adopting a public process to do so”.
The crypto exchange’s staking services are definitely different, according to Paul Grewal, chief legal officer at Coinbase. He explained in a statement that, “Coinbase’s staking program is certainly not affected by [Thursday’s] news and the announcement makes it clear that Kraken was essentially offering a yield product”. Our stacking services are fundamentally separate and are not securities. Certainly in addition to the latest crackdown, rumors are circulating that more regulatory enforcement is on the horizon, and on Thursday, Fox News reporter leanor Terrett reports that one can expect more regulatory action on the industry in the coming weeks. He tweeted, “SCOOP: Gary Gensler is definitely launching a ‘Midnight Massacre’ to bring all crypto under his control and in the coming weeks the Security and Exchange Commission’s Department of Financial Services and its Office of the Comptroller of the Currency” Enforcement action will be taken against exchanges and banks and entities and most of them form baskets in an attempt to level them as securities. I am told why the chairman’s strategy is to bring more and more enforcement actions While the 118th Congress is still being decided.


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