Ground handling firm to use blockchain document solution at 28 Saudi airports

Saudi Ground Services (SGS), a Saudi airport ground handling services firm, recently stated that it is considering and planning to implement a blockchain document settlement process at 28 airports in Saudi Arabia. In a statement issued with IR4LAB, an innovation-driven company based in Saudi Arabia, through Saudi Ground Services it said that the solution known as “Doc Certs Blockchain Management Solution will certainly enable it to deliver 10,000 transactions annually including its license”. shall permit the issuance of digital documents exceeding
Commenting on the ground handling service firm’s plans to use a solution, Ayman Alghamdi, vice president of human resources at Saudi Grand Services, said it sees the announcement of the agreement as a historic moment for the aviation industry and a definite They say that we are extremely happy to announce this momentous and unprecedented experience in Leap 2023 and it is a historic moment and first of its kind initiative in the aviation industry. Indeed, Saudi Grand Services provides permanent services to more than 88 million passengers on 690000 flights in 1 year.
Alghamdi adds that the use of blockchain as a solution at Saudi airports will not only allow Saudi Grand Services to easily verify documents and licenses but also improve the customer experience and we can say with certainty that For his part, Majd Jamal Alafifi, co-founder and CEO of IR4LAB, cited the agreement with SGS as an example of what he described as definitely a “fruitful collaboration” between blockchain startups and the latest technologies such as blockchain. Also established local firms to adopt
The CEO adds that he certainly hopes IR4LAB, which is classified or described as the “first blockchain technology-based investment in Saudi Arabia” from Saudi oil giant Aramco, joins other local companies will secure this agreement very professionally.


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