During 24 hours the bitcoin network will experience a difficulty and this time it is expected to increase as the increase is estimated to be around 3.2% to 3.76% of the current value of 34.24 trillion and this increase will occur on or before 19 December 2022. Around that 34.24 trillion will expand the possibilities to 35.53 trillion and according to the data where the network events are increasing, the hash rate of bitcoin has been lower than last month and on 1st year 2022 its hash rate will be 316 EH/s. Music came to a higher level where the average block time or block interval is seen between 9:41 minutes per block to about 10:43 minutes per block and the three percent change is happening after the last difficulty change and block on 5 December 766,080 on a decrease of about 7.32% and retargeting and achieving the same network’s difficulty was the largest recorded decrease in 2022 and this increase is estimated to occur on December 19, 2022 so we can say Maybe 3% of the recent shortfall will be wiped out It will become more and more difficult to find n and its blocks will become more and more difficult to find.
During the last three days we see that The Foundry is gaining the top of the bitcoin network with 27.05% of the USA’s normal hash rate or 66.59 EH/s and is being followed by Antpool (53.51 EH/s), F2pool (35.08 EH/s) respectively. s), Binance Pool (31.51 EH/s), and Viabtc (22 EH/s) and during the last 3 days 414 block rewards were discovered in which the top five mining flowers mined those blocks. 351 and the data shows that the average cost of bitcoin based on the university’s metrics appears to be higher, meaning that the cost is approximately $19,806, and on December 18, the BTC price is approximately $16,700 per bitcoin. We can definitely guess that the difficulty level of bitcoin is really where it is at the moment and certainly this time can be very problematic for the miners but it is expected to improve in the coming times. It certainly should and investors are attracted¬†to¬†it.


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